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Why am I not getting any search traffic. Top reasons

          Why am I not getting any search traffic?

Search traffic is like a diamond for any website or blog, for sustaining for long-term growth search traffic plays a vital part. Through only search traffic, you can get the good amount of money or sales your product.


Getting search traffic is not a rugged chore, any webmaster can get tons of traffic to a website or blog, but it takes oodles of tough work and patience.

Many bloggers and webmasters give up initially after 3 months of starting the blog, the reason is because of not generating enough traffic.Blogging is not all about traffic.

Without organic traffic, no website or blog can survive for the long-term.

There are so many reasons, why you are not getting search traffic.

  • Age of the domain.


New websites strive hard to acquire traffic from a search engine, generally, new websites don’t find decent traffic from search engines, because of the age of the domain. To find a dependable amount of traffic, it requires time to gain credibility from search engines. If your domain age is 3 or 6 months, it takes a time to earn traffic from search engines.


  • You are not posting articles consistently.

When you post articles in a consistent way, google boots regularly visits to your website and your websites will index quickly on search engines. When I began blogging, I face this issue, as a new blogger, I always think like that, “if I am not receiving any traffic why should I post articles on my blog”. Later on, I am posting consistently on my blog, I see the change, and now I am getting more traffic than earlier. If you want traffic post articles consistently.


  • Your content is not good enough and interesting.


This is again a large fault if your content is dull and not interesting, then how can you envisage you will receive traffic from search engines. Content must me interesting and engaging.   Interest and engaging means write great stuff add pictures and infographic images to your post. Write content more than 700 words, this will help you generate the traffic. Your content must be original, not be copied from any other source.


  • Share your posts to social networking sites.

Social network (Magazine Illustration)

You are not getting any organic traffic because of you not active on social networking sites. Share your posts on Facebook, twitter and active on quora. This may help you get traffic. When you share on social sites, these sites send social signals to search engines to rank on SERPS. Write great content so users can share your content on social networking websites.


  • You are not creating a keyword focus post and you are not putting a keyword in the headlines.


Use google keyword planner for keyword focus, google a keyword planner is a free tool for keywords. Don’t use high competitive keywords rather than use low competitive keywords for ranking. During your keyword research, make a list of keywords that are relevant to your audience and that are searched more than 500 times per month. Then write one blog post for every keyword.


  • You are not using optimizing images and ALT tags.


Use optimized images and also add ALT tag to your images, we all know google can’t read images, only google can find pictures by using the ALT tag for images. Also use optimized images, compress the images before uploading.


  • Speed up your site.

Slow Speed

No one likes slow speed, google rank any websites on the footing of 200 factors, if your site is too sluggish to load, then your site has very few opportunities to rank on the first page of search results.


  • Correct use of heading tags.

Heading tags are real important in posts, use the proper Heading tags, h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6. Where h1 heading is most important heading tag, whereas h6 tag is the least important tag. In the starting days of my blogging, I mostly used h3 tag because it’s looking great in articles, but the use of h3 tag don’t help you to get good traffic to your site. Use h2 tag for more honest outcomes.

  • You are not writing what visitors need.

You are not getting any targeted traffic because you are writing what your visitors need. Research what users are looking for, what they want, solve the problems of users. Provide useful content.


Final words.

You can’t get traffic instantly, it takes time. Don’t get tricked by bogus and instant quick traffic schemes, if you try to generate instant traffic, chances are high, you will end up with everything.


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