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Best WordPress backup plugin free and premium.

best backup wordpress plugin free

      Best WordPress backup plugin free and premium.

Ever you lost your password or hacker hacked your site or blog, or your WordPress site crashed. What will you do if this factor happens? Regularly backing up your site is one of the most significant things you can perform. Because no one knows plans to be hacked or website crashed. And then many sites hacked every day. What if your site targeted and hacked by someone. If a hacker hacked your site and delete all the files. Sometimes you accidentally edit the files or may change bring server crash. WordPress runs on PHP and MySQL. All the files stored on your web hosting. A hacker might hack your site and can log in your c-panel and he can delete all WordPress directory. At the end of the day, you will feel nothing but the only regret.

Always remember many WordPress hosting provides offer limited backup services, so it is your responsibility to take regular backup.

There are several free and paid backup plugins for WordPress and most they are easy to use.

  • Vault press.

It is a subscription based service with different plans and pricing. You can mark it up to perform automatic backup of your site each day. You can also restore from this backup easily and download them whenever you require.  Putting up and restoring backups is just a matter of click. The only downside of vault press recurring expenses. It provides automated real-time cloud backup solution starting at $5.

  • Updraft plus.

Updraft plus is another great plugin. It allows you to create complete backup and restore of your site. Updraft is the most popular backup solution. It offers all the features. I personally recommend it to try updraft plus, it’s absolutely free and easy to use.  Updraft place also offers more than just backups. It has cloned and migration features which help you to migrate your site to another site.

  • Backup buddy.

Backup is one the best plugin for WordPress to take backup. It offers the compressive solution to WordPress owner. It allows you store your backup not just only hard drive, including amazon, drop box, and electronic mail. It is a premium plugin.

  • BackupWpup-

BackupWpup is another good plugin. It schedules and manages automatic backup allow you to create the complete backup for free and store it in the cloud. The only disadvantage doesn’t support, one click restore. It is difficult to restore a backup for beginners.


  • ManageWP

Manage WP is a popular service to manage multiple WordPress site. The manager offers real-time protection and incremental backup. It takes backup only those files which have changed or added. It uploads its cloud storage.


Thanks again for reading. Let me know which plugin you’re using for your WordPress backup. Add your comment below.


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