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How to write an interesting title for your blog post.


         How to write an interesting title for your  post.

Why should you need to know, how to write an interesting title for your blog post. The cause is simple, because you want more traffic from search engines. Many bloggers don’t know how to write a post title. Many bloggers write title as they want to post. Post title must be user friendly and interesting, which attract the visitors from search engines. Even you perform and good write good quality articles but your post title is not attractive then chances are high to lose targeted traffic from search engines.


So in this today post, we will discuss 6 points, how to write an interesting title for your blog post. After reading this you will enable to write to an excellent title for your blog post.


  1. Use an interesting word in your blog title.

People want something new, when they search for anything, the first thing they look for new things. If they find any new thing in your title, they are all most like to click on your link. Don’t include boring and dull words in your title; visitors can judge your post by the title of your post. Try to include interesting words such as excellent, secret, solid, outstanding, etc words.


  1. Use questions as a title of your post.

When you use questions as the title of your post, there will be two benefits; the first one is large community use questions while they search, readers always want solutions to their question, the more you use questions as the title of your post, the more you likely to get more visitors. Use words like when, how, what, why. I think you understood what I am trying to convey you. When you use a question in your title, readers get the direct message what is all about your post. In this way, the reader also shows interest and credibility on your post. If you unable to assign a question then you can take help of quora and yahoo answers.


  1. Post title must be problem solving.

Post title must be problem-solving, readers want to get the solution, always try to solve readers’ problems through your post, that’s why I strongly recommend you to post title must be solved. Use a good keyword that can solve the reader’s particular problems.


  1. Post title must be crystal clear.

Post title must be crystal clear and easily be understood. Whenever you include a hard and complex word in your post title, the reader may find hard to read and understood. Don’t include complex words in the post title; it can lead to losing tons of traffic. That’s why to keep your blog title simple and crystal clear. When ever reader search, they look for information, if they find useful from your post title they will click on that link.


  1. Always use numbers and bullets in your blog post.

Users can see many pro bloggers use numbers and bullets in their blog post, the reason behind this is, it helps the readers to read and understand the content easily. Many readers don’t read post till the end and they just look over view the main highlighted points. In this case number and bullets helpful for readers, even it works for good ranking in search engines.


  1. Post title must be short and understandable.

Keep in mind that post title should be short and understandable. Why you should emphasis on a short title because Google and other search engines don’t take the lengthy post title, even it’s not good for SEO. Search engines take 30 to 70 words length post title. You even write a lengthy post title it doesn’t show in search results.


These are the major points which you must consider for a title for your post while posting a post. One more important point is while giving the title of your post is, think like readers/visitors and gives a title for the post.

Thanks for reading till the end of the post, if you like it comment below and share this with your friends.

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