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Home » 5 tips How to optimize YouTube video views.

5 tips How to optimize YouTube video views.

                    5 tips How to optimize YouTube video views.

                     5 tips How to optimize YouTube video views.

Today in this post I will share 5 tips to optimize YouTube views. Friends if you’re uploading videos on YouTube and you are not getting views on your YouTube videos, then this post will help you to optimize YouTube views so it can help you to earn money from your videos.


I have found out so many people, they just uploaded videos on YouTube and simply observe for how many views they are generating. Friends that may not happen, on YouTube every fraction of seconds 1lakhs of videos is uploading in that case, how can you envisage you will get views instantly? Many people in frustrating they quit to upload videos, they think why they are not getting views like others video channel.


Friends’ getting the first position in your search result is not a rocket science only you need to consider basic points while uploading videos. In the technological terms of getting the first position on a search result, we call it an SEO (search engine optimization). If you follow the basic tips, your videos will get views and it helps you to earn income from your videos.


Tips for optimizing YouTube videos.


  • Title of the video-

The title of video plays an important for good search results, I have seen many people they use a title in an improper way. If the video is about funny acts, but they use as motivation for the sake good search results. If you try to manipulate the search engines, they will put you as a spam remark, and may be your video can’t be seen in search engine forever. If you manipulate, the user will never be watched, you’re any of your channels and you lose your fame and credibility.

If your video is about the motivational video, then give it a name as “best motivational video ever”. In this way you give your video title name, it will help you to get better in search results.


  • Video description

YouTube has offered a video description box; this means you have to fully utilize the description box. I have seen many people they uploaded a video without any description if they write; they write only 20-30 words which are insufficient. Always try to write more than 150 words in the description. Users generally read the description and it helps to get the first position in search results.


  • Correct use of keyword tool planner

If you want to make your videos famous, then keyword tool is very important. If you are planning which keyword is best then use Google keyword planner. In keyword planner search keyword according to what type of video. In keyword tool, you will find low, medium and high CPC (cost per click) choose best one and use them in a tag. There is one more advantage of using keyword tools when any user searches video if you have also the same keyword on your video, it will show to the user as another suggestion video.

  • Change your thumbnail

when a user searches for the video, if the user found your thumbnail interesting, then he will click definitely to watch a video. If your thumbnail is interesting then you more view on your videos.


  • Ask user to subscribe to your videos

If you had created a unique and interesting video ask users to subscribe your videos in the video. In this way, you can easily build large subscribers for your YouTube videos.


These are the basic way to optimize your YouTube videos, if you like it, please share with your friends on social networking sites. Thanks for reading this post till the end. Also, don’t forget to subscribe our email service.

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