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How to Write a WordPress SEO Optimized Post.

       How to Write a WordPress SEO Optimized Post.

How to Write a WordPress SEO Optimized Post

In this post, we shall discuss to write a WordPress SEO optimized post. Well, you are reading this post, then I guess, you realize the importance of SEO for good ranking in Google and other search results.  If you desire to construct an online presence of your business on the internet then SEO plays a major part. When your site places high position in search results, automatically you get more visitors and contribute to maximum sale and profit. Everyone desires to be number one in search results.  But many webmasters fail. But when you apply this basic formula, your website will skyrocket in search results.


  1. Title tag– Title tag plays an important role to rank any website on the search result. I already shared on how to write an interesting title for your post. The title tag is important for the user and search engines. Always use the keyword in the title tag. SEO is not always close to good ranking, it also about good user experience. It is always suggested to try to write good titles for your position, it is a lot better for your hunt results. Use Long tail keyword, title helps to rank much better in search results.


  1. Meta description – Meta description is a short description of your content. Google and other search engines don’t take phrases and keywords for the ranking. When you describe the short description of your post content always try to add a main keyword of the post. You may ever notice that whenever a user searches for concern topic, search engine bolds the certain phrases. Search engines don’t read more than 160 words Meta


  1. Anchor text – anchor text is a text link which is visible to users to click on links to navigate to a different page. Anchor text is present in images and text and other objects which navigate the user to click one page to another. Anchor text tells the search engines to crawl and index the certain links on that page. Search engines crawl all links. If you have tons of links on a single page, then your website is at risk. Search engines index all the links as reference. Don’t use too many anchor text and keywords in the links. Even too many links provide the bad user experience.


  1. Keyword density – keyword density plays an important role for a good search engine ranking position. Keyword density means how many times the same keywords are repeated in your entire post. Use your primary keyword in Meta description as well. Over usage of keyword density is harmful to your website. The keyword should not be more than 4% in your post. Excessive usage of the keyword is known as keyword stuffing.

Suppose you are writing a post of 100 words and your keyword is repeating 4 times in the entire post and if your keyword is more than 4 than it is harmful. So it’s better doesn’t use an excessive keyword in your post.

For a good keyword practice use Yoast SEO plugin or all in one SEO plugin both are best WordPress best SEO plugins.


  1. URL structure – URL is a web address of your website. Good design URL makes a positive impact on search engine results, whereas poor URL structure provides poor results in search engine results. Always try to add one main keyword in the URL. Over usage of keyword in URL results spam URL. Keep URL short and which can easily be human readable.


  1. Hidden content– your website must not contain hidden content. Many times bloggers put the content in the post, but later they hide the content, which results whenever the user comes to the site, he unable to see the hidden content. Google hates hidden content. So never hide any content on your WebPages.
  2. Image ALT tag – many people don’t know, Google unable to read images. If you are uploading images without describing the ALT tag, then stop making out that bad SEO practice. Always add ALT text for images for good SEO results. Visitors may also come from through image results.

For example. You have uploaded an image of the pet (dog), and you have not mentioned the image ALT tag. Google will never understand which image is entirely approximately. If you mention the image ALT tag, Google will read it and ranks in images results.


  1. Post length- the length of post matters for good ranking in search results. Always try to write more than 700 words. Post length determines the quality of a post. If your post is a short Google might determine, that your content is not a quality one. The more is your quality information the better good search results.


  1. Responsive website design – your website must be responsive in smartphones and computers. A responsive website means it’s automatically set its width and height automatically on any device. Doesn’t use small fonts on your website; it also matters for search engine results. Today’s generation is the smartphones generation. Traffic gets more from mobile users. In case your website is not responding then it leads to falling in traffic. Apply a responsive theme design for your blog.
  2. Submit sitemapsubmit Sitemaps to search engines, it helps to search engines to crawl easily and helps to index your post on search results quickly.
  1. Correct use of heading tag i.e. h1, h2, h3, h4. I have seen many blogs, they don’t use a correct manner of heading tag. This tag must be used in sequence. If you are not in sequence using this tag, suppose you’re using h2 tag first, then in the second h1 than it can results harmful for SEO.


  1. Bold and highlights the main keywords– highlights and bold main keywords, this will help search engines, what is altogether about your topic. This will help to get the higher position in search results.


These are the points for good WordPress SEO optimized post, but one must also notice off the page SEO. For an optimized SEO, quality back links also matter. Website speed also matters for good ranking in search results.

Thanks for reading post till the conclusion. If you find it useful then comment on it.

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