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How Can You Boost Your Website’s Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority, and why a higher DA score is important for your website? Domain authority is a logarithmic scale ranging from 0 to 100 that predicts the probability of a higher search engine ranking of your website. The DA score of websites like Facebook and Wikipedia is more than 90, which is why we see these websites ranked at the top of search engine results. However, it should be noted that the DA score of websites is not considered an official ranking factor by search engines.

The aforementioned statement brings us to a question, if the DA score doesn’t play a part in influencing the search engine rankings of websites, then what is so important about it? A simple answer to this question is, according to Google, it uses more than 200 factors to determine the ranking of a website on search engine results. You can’t keep track of all these factors. However, keeping track of the DA score of your website with the help of a reliable Domain Authority checker can help you measure the SEO performance of your website effectively.

How Can You Boost Your Website’s Domain Authority?

A trustworthy DA PA checker allows you to compare the DA score of your website with that of your competitors. Hence, it is necessary to increase the Domain Authority of your website and increase the probability of better search engine rankings of your website against your competitors. Here are some killer ways to boost the Domain Authority of your website. 

Further details are given below:

A Domain Name That Relates to Your Niche

Domain authority relies on a wide variety of factors; one of them is a good domain name. A good domain name means the name of your website that relates to the niche of your website. If you have a good domain name, it will ultimately add value to your website. The name you choose for your domain should be easy to remember for the visitors.

Choosing a good domain will not only add value to your website but increase the domain authority of your website as well. You can easily witness the difference created by a good domain name by comparing the DA scores of two websites using a reliable Domain Authority checker. Hence, the domain name of your website should be relatable and easy to remember if you want to increase your DA score.

Whether you accept it or not, high-quality backlinks matter a lot when it comes to the Domain Authority score of a particular website. You need to make sure that you get quality backlinks from websites that are considered an authority in a given niche for your website. Moreover, you also need to reach out to notable webmasters and post your content on their websites with embedded links that direct readers to your website.

Increasing the number of high-quality backlinks is not enough; you also need to reduce the number of bad links coming to your website. Always remember you need to emphasize quality instead of quantity when it comes to backlinks. Moreover, you also need to make sure that links coming to your website are from a large number of unique websites instead of relying on a few websites only for this very purpose.

User Experience Matters A lot

It is a proven fact that internet users these days prioritize User Experience over anything when it comes to choosing a website for information or purchase of products or services. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have worked on methods to elevate the user experience (UX) offered by your website.

You need to work on the page loading speed of your website to make sure that the bounce rate on your website stays low, which is a key factor involved in lowering the DA scores of websites. Moreover, many times users come to a particular website for a specific reason; you need to make sure that they find their desired section or content easily. This is only possible when your website comes with a clear layout and easy-to-understand navigation.

Regularly Check DA PA of Website

Another thing you need to do in order to make sure that your website is always ahead of its competition in terms of DA score is to regularly check DA PA of your website and those of competitors using a Da Pa checker. This practice will allow you to understand where your website stands against the rest of the competition.

If the DA score of your website is considerably low, then you need to come up with an effective SEO strategy and high-quality backlinks to make sure you equalize your competitors or move ahead of them. In case the DA score is equal to or higher than the notable competitors, then you need to make sure that you stay ahead of them by adding more and more quality backlinks because a considerable percentage of Domain authority relies on quality backlinks.

Putting it Together

Having a higher DA score increases the probability of higher rankings for your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Hence, you need to work on various effective methods to ensure you have a significantly higher DA score. We have discussed a few effective methods to help you boost the Domain Authority of your website. Just make sure you regularly check the domain authority of your website using a reliable domain authority checker and consistently put your efforts to increase it over time

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