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Home » Is multi network level marketing (MLM) good or bad?

Is multi network level marketing (MLM) good or bad?

Is multi network level marketing (MLM) good or bad?

Is multi network level marketing good or bad, we cannot say in one go, we have to think about it severely because every coin has two sides. Possibly you may have run across any person like me, who is in network marketing and he assured you, you will become rich after joining multi-level network marketing. Do really multi-level marketing companies make you rich? Do all multi-level marketing companies are legit? Do we need to join multi-level marketing company?  All these questions, you will find answers in this blog post.

Is multi-level marketing company legit?

You may have come across many people who said all negative talk or so multi-level network marketing company like.

  • Multilevel network marketing is fraud and illegitimate.
  • My maternal uncle’s son is also in network marketing, he even can’t earn single bucks.
  • These multi-level marketing companies are illicit and they will escape by getting hold of your money.


You may have found out these remarks from people. They are correct and also wrong on their own place. But I will say you can earn the unimaginable amount, from multi-level marketing and another side you will also lose money in network marketing. Both are correct, in this post I will speak about both pros and cons.


What is multi-level network marketing?

Network marketing is a distribution model that allows ordinary people move a large amount of product through a network traditional by words of mouth marketing and now through internet marketing as well. It is a structured business model. The way is that the company pays you a percentage of the amount of work that the company pays you a percentage of the amount of work (sales) that you bring into the company. It is simply referring people to products and services and getting compensated for doing so. Other terms used in MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing.

Can we become rich from a network marking MLM Company?

As I said above, you can become rich and poor, you can earn in lakhs or you can lose lakhs of rupees. Because 90 percent of the agent who is operating in multilevel marketing is fraud or hoax.  To earn money in lakhs one’s need to do hard-work. You have to attend seminars, and you likewise have to pay for people to attend seminars and you have also accepted to speak untruth, you bear to drive people to join in MLM, and you must have  guts bear the abuse and insult from people, maybe you have to wait 2 to 3 years to take up getting the money. If you agree above conditions then you can earn money in lakhs.

Scams like this are common:

  • Aryarup/ATCR, SpeakAsia, Unipay2u, Stock Guru, TVI Express contribute a lower portion of the total dollar volume of scams which goes as high as Rs 10,000 crores per year. Most of the companies do not register in India and siphon away money via various payment services not authorized by the Reserve Bank of India.

Most multi-level marketing companies are fake and imposter, perhaps you have observed, they trade their product at double rates than market rates. They sell their 10 rupees product at 150 rupees. If you ask them, they dupe you, by telling, our products are standardized and quality. I am not speaking about all MLM companies, but mostly 90 percent does that.

Before you join any MLM company, an important factor you must consider in your mind.

  1. a) If you are not shown and spoken about the products offered by the direct selling company – Do not join
  2. b) If you cannot see value at which the wares are sold (even if you can afford them) – Do not purchase them or unite the company since if you yourself would not practice them, you would not experience the confidence to advocate them to others. If the products don’t get traded – you don’t get any money.
  3. c) In case the products sold by the company have no market value – Stay away.
  4. d) If the products are based on speculations and probability – Stay away
  5. e) If the cost of entry to start earning is high – Stay away.
  6. f) Avoid the companies promoting the following:
  • Deposits/Investments – in/ for/ in the shape of – stocks, debentures, gifts/ help/ help/ support/ donations, currency, preferential shares, forex trading, plantations, farming, infrastructure projects, resorts, trading in commodities, birds (poultry, Emu, etc.), animals (rabbit, goats, cattle, buffaloes, etc.), media and real estate.

  • Discount coupons/Vouchers

  • Crypto currency

  • Bid coupons/Vouchers

  • Websites/Web space/ Hosting space

  • Get paid to click, to give surveys, watch advertisements, receive SMS and receive emails.

  1. g) If you primarily get paid to enroll new distributors – Stay away
  2. h) “Earlier you join, the richer you become” is the mantra – Stay away
  3. i) “The more you put, the more money you get ” is the case – Stay away
  4. j) If the company claims to pay you back higher than 50 per cent as commissions on sale of products (online or physical) – Stay away
  5. k) If opportunity is shown to be greater and more important than the products – Stay away

Should I join multi-level Network marketing?

Friends, I can’t decide whether you should join an MLM company or not, it totally depends upon you. Yes, you can get rich from MLM, but you have to look at some facts, which I have shared above with you. If you accept above conditions then you are welcome in an MLM company.

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