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Home » What is backlinks and how it is useful for website or blog.

What is backlinks and how it is useful for website or blog.


 What are backlinks and how it is useful for website or blog?

Hi friends, in this post, I will try to explain a complete detail about backlinks, what backlinks is and what are the importance of backlinks in SEO. You might already know about SEO (search engine optimization), if you want to place your website or blog in the first position in search engine result then SEO plays a vital role.

We can classify SEO in 2 types.

  • On page SEO.

  • Off page SEO.

On page SEO.

On a page, SEO starts right from your blog post till its publishing the post. On page SEO is must be optimized for good SEO results. I already shared how to write optimized SEO post, check it out.

Off page SEO

In Off page SEO, we do make efforts after publishing a blog post. The foremost and important is to build backlinks and create a social media presence. The more and better backlinks the better you draw traffic from search results.

What are the backlinks and how it can help to stimulate traffic and get search engine optimization?

In this post, we will try to explain everything about link building. How it is useful for your blog or website.

Link Building, is simply exchanging links with other companies in similar industries (not you are direct

Competition). Link building is very important because each incoming link to your website works like a referral and Search Engines love referrals. We have to ascertain that we link with the correct type of websites that is Good quality with a good Google PR.


What are the advantages of quality back links?

Backlinks are important for your website or blog. The more quality backlinks you have on your blog the more search engines give importance your website and therefore your site will rank higher in search results. Quality backlinks have numerous advantage, it will assist you to generate more referral traffic, your site will index faster in a search engine and it also avails you to increase your website authority.


Page Rank

Link Popularity

High Link Popularity Rate = High Search Engine Page Rank.

Low Link Popularity Rate = Low Search Engine Page Rank.

Types of backlinks.

Do follow and no follow are a rel attribute of a link which tell web spiders and bots about the relation of the link.

There are basically two types of links

  • Do follow a link.

  • No follow a link.

Do follow a link- Do follow link is a type of backlink which increases page rank. Search engines give importance to search results on the basis of do- follow a link. Do follow link passes the link juice, which provides a backlink to the website. Do follow link consider as trusted link. It benefits of website high PR and helps in link building.

“<a href=”>Google</a>”

No follow link.-No follow link doesn’t pass the link juice. No follow link consider as non-trusted links. You don’t receive any benefit of websites high PR.

“<a href=”rel=nofollow”>google</a>


How to get the quality backlink for your blog or website.

  • Write quality content and post.
  • Start writing the guest post for other blogs.
  • Submit your website to quality web directories.


Points to remember to get backlinks.

  • Constantly attempt to find quality backlinks for a good high PR site.
  • Never buy backlinks.
  • Always gives importance on quality backlinks, not on quantity backlinks.
  • Don’t create backlinks in bulk, Google may suspect on your domain and it leads domain span.


Final words of advice

I think you understood then about what is backlinks and how it is the importance of your website or blog. If you any question then please ask through comments. If you like the post, please share on social media.


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