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Home » How to score full marks in 12th business studies in CBSE board exam.

How to score full marks in 12th business studies in CBSE board exam.

How to score full marks in 12th business studies in CBSE board exam.

How to score full marks in 12th business studies in CBSE board exam.

Business studies very scoring subjects, you can easily score full marks easily. CBSE has changed their pattern; almost 90 percent are an application based question. Without a proper deep understanding of the subject, it’s difficult to give a proper and correct answer.

Students, it’s strong advice, read the NCERT book thoroughly from the starting day. Generally question paper will be lengthy, difficult to answer and a little bit confusing. Question paper consists of 25 questions, almost all questions are application based.

As stated application based question, the one word of your answer, determines your answers, to the given question. If you give a wrong one-word answer, the whole answer will be wrong to the given question.

You can give a correct answer only when you know the concept and deep understanding of the subject.

For Example.

Himanshu and Shilpa are working in the same organization, but in different department one day at lunch time Shilpa informs Himanshu that due to computerization   many people are going to be retrenched soon from the organization. Name, which type of communication is this? State any two limitations of this type of organization.

Ans. Informal communication.

Write limitation of informal communication.

Suppose you have written a formal communication to the given question then your whole answer will be wrong and you will earn zero marks to that question.

So, you can answer only, when you understand the concept and topic thoroughly.  Before attempting any question starting reading carefully, read twice and thrice.

Strongly recommended is to read the NCERT book only. Questions will not be asked out of the NCERT syllabus.

A good presentation matters in every subject, but when it comes to business studies paper presentation is very important. A good presentation can fetch few marks easily. A good presentation only matters if you write correct answer to the given question. No matters, how far your presentation is good if your answers are wrong.

Write answers in points. Don’t write everything in a single paragraph. Don’t leave any question blank, attempt all questions. Write something that you know, but don’t leave blank because “it is better you know something than nothing”.

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