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Does Indian education offer any quality education, need to change ??

Does Indian education offer any quality education, need to change ??

What is education? Quoting the world’s favorite reference source (Wikipedia) “Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people live on from one generation to the next.

Education is considered as a quite precious and valuable tool to transform lives, It’s really a powerful tool to alter the economy of India and of course of any country.

Indian education sucks because it does not permit a scholar to learn and figure out things by themselves, which is how learning happens. If this is done, everything else then comes down into position.

Today, Without any proper education one can’t live in the modern world and we are considered zero. So that much importance does our education takes.

Surely, Indian education has its own identity and importance and stands at par with the education schemes of other nations. I personally vouch for it. But, again, I do accept that there are some drawbacks, also wish I would be highlighting it below. It encourages students to mug up the things as opposed to learning the field altogether. Student masters the exam, not the subject

One instance to depict the form of Indian education is, the value of the number zero is known to all. It’s practiced in each and every sphere of math, science, finance and what not?

In each and every calculation part of life. I hope you all must be knowing the pioneer and inventor of number zero.

Yes, he is none other than scientist Aryabhatt. If Had he not invented the numeral zero, then this world wouldn’t have grown thus far.

That is the value and importance of Indian education. But, lately, the values of Indian education are gradually going down.

That’s because of low-quality instruction and lack of proper faculty and lack of proper importation of training to the faculty which is bending as a big blessing for the youth of the state.

some other major reason is the schools and coaching centers of our country being mere money minting machines and they had moved around and seen the education as just a profitable venture only thereby spoiling the life histories of youth and scholars.

Today, the quality of Indian education has passed up to that extent where the topmost educational institutions of India like IIT’s, NIT’s and IIM’s were unable to procure even a single rank in the global rankings of Indian education.

Another important reason for the declined value of Indian education is, nowadays,  here in our country, the technical Degrees like B. tech and B.E are given importance and value and other traditional degrees like commerce (, Science (B. sic), and arts and humanities (B. A) are now considered valueless and are considering of no worth as well.

As a result of which these traditional degrees turning into just a worthless degree, the students are consistently pressurized by both their parents and teachers to crack the toughest competitive exams of our country like IIT-JEE and AIEEE and are making students to forcibly pursue these technical degrees without even considering the interests and aspirations of their wards as a result of which students couldn’t make it and are unable to handle such heavy pressure and are ruining their lives by taking certain extreme steps by committing suicides.

Nowadays parents also don’t mind shelling heavy amounts of donations in Management quota and are securing admissions illegally. The scenario of the economy of our country has turned so worse that even after holding Postgraduates degrees like MBA,,, and MA  and our youth are unable to secure proper jobs and are working for very low salaries and are completely dissatisfied. I recently came across such a situation which I would like to share with you all, that is for a sweeper (safaiwaala) sweeper post in the railway’s lot of postgraduate degree holders like MA’s and MBA’s had applied for the same and juggling continuously to secure a government job.

  • Thither is a Lack of Education at all stages in this country – individual, parental, pedagogical, institutional, professional, societal, political…That’s the thing:
    – . Teachers want to get is good salaries.
    institutions want to make is good money
    – Parents want to see is good grades.
    – Society wants to suffice is to restrict you

      – Companies want to arrive at is maximum profit.
– Political leaders want to perform is to get good votes.
– All of us do is endure the chalta hai attitude

In India, The worst of the worst teaching in India, the person who gets no other job goes into teaching.  We are not allowed to question our teachers – probably because they don’t know the answers themselves (.

In Universities and colleges don’t give a chance to students to learn by themselves and possess new skills.

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When we are in school, we even don’t know about attendance criteria, but when we reached college, we hear the word “attendance criteria”, students are not more any interested in listening boring classes.

The timing of the college, collage starts  9 AM to 4PM, almost  7 hours student have to spend in college and have to listen boring lectures.  Students have to attend classes compulsory  for the sake of attendance.
India is having the worst teachers and profs. in the world

There are some world-class professors and but not the primary or secondary school teachers.

These instructors are the products of the same education system.

It is like being caught up in a loop.

Hence, it’s definitely the need of an hour and it’s a high time that the government should wake up and elevate the value and importance of Indian by giving due importance to the private sector to bring it at par with public sector undertakings and imparting proper training to the staff.

I’ll add more points shortly……………………………………..

WRITTEN BY  Mr. Santosh prasad.

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