About us

About us

Hey! Welcome to gyanvardaan. Gyanvardaan name is derived from Hindi word Gyan means knowledge and vardaan mean boon this site is basically a source of knowledge and wisdom


In this blog, I share all motivational and inspirational narratives and I also write about internet, technology and WordPress, and my career experience still so far.


Here is what Gyanvardaan stand for….

  • Practical and motivational articles.
  • Inspirational short stories.
  • WordPress,AdSense,SEO solution
  • Not limited to motivational, inspirational, technology travels appropriate for anyone with any blog or site


I booked gyanvardaan on 1st January 2016 and my brother who assisted in putting up this website.


Gyanvardaan is sustained and owned by three people including me.


Hello from Mahesh [that’s me]


Hey there


My name is Mahesh Rao I am a scholar and a blogger, I already told you managed by three individual I write technical and inspiration article and my best friend Hemant Kumar, he is pursuing BCA, he writes for me motivational stories and educational article and  another ace are  my bro. Who helps me to make and ensure the situation to run smooth way.


As for personal interest, I am a huge lover of cricket. I enjoy watching cricket and meeting with my acquaintances and if I am not blogging, I’ll  be either using up a relaxation and watching TV.


Some random facts about me


  • I was born in 1997 in India, my age is 19.
  • I know only three languages Hindi, English, and Telugu.
  • I like to spend most of the time on online or either studying
  • I had the bad habit, my English is a little poor, but I am working on it.
  • I enjoy blogging, but I don’t like writing part.


Why I started this blog?


I would require a minute to explain why I stand this blog, I am an Introvert person and I wish to record and write motivational and inspirational articles. Equally, I have already remarked above, I write not only motivational blog, I also write a tech blog and education blog.


Why should you read my blog?

There tons of blogs already. But my blog provides real meaning of knowledge and wisdom through my powerful text.


How will this blog serve you?

Beginning of all, this blog is for everyone, I already mention you, I do write the different topic. After reading this blog you will motivate and inspire. You will become a neat source of tangible knowledge and wisdom.

The main motive to build this site is helping the people and society from to overcome from different problems. To offer them insight, knowledge and wisdom.







Contact us.

At [email protected] and gyanvardaan.com