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How to increase Google Adsense earning 10 simple tips

How to increase Google Adsense earning 10 simple tips.

The new Adsense publishers always have this in mind, how to increase Google Adsense earnings. When I was new to blogging, I have an eager and appetite to earn huge money from Google Adsense, even though I succeed. Many new publishers already know how to increase revenue from Google Adsense but they fail to make it so. Recently, one of my friend, to make enormous money from Google Adsense, he has taken wrong steps. What he did is, he used to click his own ads or ask his friends to click ads. And we all know Google is much smarter than you think, after week eventually, his Adsense account suspended.

So friends, never take such foolish step. Earning money is not so easy that to online.

In this post, I will share 10 points, how I increased my Google Adsense revenue.

You can increase Google Adsense revenue in 2 ways, through Adsense CTR, CPC, and eCPM or increase your blog traffic so you can get thoroughgoing clicks and increase your Adsense click through rate.

In these 2 ways you can boost your Google Adsense earning, if you are a new blogger, you can do some ad optimization in Google Adsense. By following these tips you can increase 20% to 50% of Google Adsense earnings.

In this post, I will share 8 points, how you can increase my Google Adsense revenue

Before following any tips from this blog post, optimize your blog, content and keywords. Then follow these eight easy tips.

  • Read Google Adsense policy.

Read carefully Google Adsense terms and policy, Google has mentioned everything, related to Adsense earning. You will aware, Google Adsense policy and it’s important to read.

  • Test your website theme and design.

Check your website theme and design, whether your theme is Adsense friendly or not. Check whether your site is loading fast or not. If your website is loading fast, but your theme is not Adsense optimized then your ads can’t perform better.

  • Add minimum ad units.

Before you can only place 3 to 4 ads, but Google has lifted this ban, now you can set a number of ad units, but you put only 3 to 4 ads on your blog.

If you place more ad units than this, you will lose search ranking and your site will load slowly that results poor experience.

  • Choose most popular ad unit.

Google Adsense provides different size and format of ad units. But use most important and popular ad unit. Use those ad units which are used more on web pages.   For example, 72890,336280,300*250 etc.

  • Use text and image ad units.

AdSense offers different formats; you can choose formats between texts or image ad unit or you can display both format ads units. This is the best way to increase your Google Adsense earnings.

Make your website design and color match with ad units, this make interest to users in your ads.

  • Useless internal links.

Use very least amount of internal links in your blog post, huge internal links effects SEO and it also give less Adsense CPC.

  • Add a Google search box on the blog.

Normally we use the default platform for search program instead of that better to use Google custom search engine. It is also user-friendly and you can also run ads by showing search results.

  • Try ad blocks.

Google Adsense provides ad blocking features. You can block any ads which are unrelated to your content.

For example, your blog is health related niche and ads displaying sports niche, which is low CPC. You can block those ads.

I am sure by following these simple tips you can increase your Google Adsense earning 10 times better. Your income will increase in 10 to 15 days.

Follow these tips, and wait for 10 to 15 days to see the results. If you see any results, tell us. If you any tips other than this to increase Adsense earning, share with us through commenting system.

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