Google had sent AdSense Payment but not received in my bank account SBI.

By | December 14, 2020

Are you feeling anxious? No need to worry, your Adsense payment won’t go anywhere, it will directly come into your bank account. I will share a solution for “AdSense Payment sent but not received”


I want to share my small story with you regarding my Adsense payment. What I did and what you can do?

I received my first Adsense payment two years back.

I got an email from google; payment has been released.

I was so happy because I received my first payment from Google Adsense.

Do you want to know how much I received in first adsense payment in SBI Account? I got 150 $.

“The Email was :>>> Your Adsense payment released. Wait for five business days or contact your bank for more details”.

Google had sent AdSense Payment but not received in my bank account SBI.

So, I waited for five days in the hope of receiving payment.

As days passed, I didn’t receive any payment in SBI account.

I contacted the Google Adsense through support, no response I got. They asked me to wait another ten days for credit in the bank.

Then I waited another ten days in the hope of obtaining payment.

 As days went along, I didn’t meet any payment in SBI account.

Now, I directly went to the bank and asked them is there any outstanding income in the name of my account from Google Adsense.

You already knew the attitude of Indian Bankers; There was a madam, I inquired about payment. She said I am not in charge of the forex department. She asked me to go to the Forex manager.

I went to the sir, and I explained to him about the payment I am going to receive from Adsense.  

Firstly, they behaved like I am doing ammunition or drug business. They asked all the shit, why you are receiving online payment and what work you are doing online.  

Many bankers don’t have an idea about Google Adsense.

After all the explanation, they asked me to fill the form. It contains the bank account details, name, address,and payment receipt from the Google Adsense you received.  

As per the Reserve Bank of India, you have to disclose the information of foreign inward remittance payment.  

The widespread acts as FEMA.

I filled the form and submitted it to the bank. Within a few hours, the amount credited into my account.

Only once you have to disclose the information for the next payment amount it will be credited automatically into your bank account.

The bank charges a small fee as foreign transaction fees and forex fees for converting Dollars into rupees.

Sometimes you don’t need to go bank for payment. They automatically credit the amount.

A very rare chance you have to go to the bank. I recommend you to wait at least 15 days from the date when you received an email from Adsense”.

If not received after 15 days, then go to the bank for inquiry.  

I have a friend who is a YouTuber. He is from a remote location from India. Now he shifted to Aurangabad. When he got payment from Adsense, he filled a wrong  SWIFT code.  

He also approached to the bank, the bank denied payment and said they didn’t receive any such amount in his bank account name.

 Again, he raised an issue with Google Adsense support, with ten days his money credit to google Adsense dashboard.  

Whenever you fill the payment form, fill correctly.

If you doubt SWIFT code, please don’t add random any SWIFT code of your area. Better you first call the help center of your respective bank. Ask them, which is the nearest bank, which accepts your online payment. Many small and rural banks don’t have swift codes. Better you take help from customer support.

This can avoid delays in payment.

I shared my experience through this blog post, if this post helped in any manner, please share with your blogger friends.  

If you’re facing any problems regarding your Adsense payment, I am always ready to help you. Just shot email at I will reply within a few hours, or you can drop the comments below.

Or you have any such experience; please share with us through comments. So the newbie bloggers can get help.

Thanks for reading the post to the end.

Q1. When will i receive my adsense payment in my bank account.

It will receive into your bank account shortly. No need of panic. Wait at least 20 days.

Q2.I have waited more than 20 days but my adsense payment not received in my bank account

Yes. It happens. Due to covid 19 or strike or national holiday it can take time. Even my payment received 2 months payment once.

Q3.Shall i approach bank adsense payment not received in my bank account

Not recommenced . Visit only after 30 days lapse.

Q4.This is my first payment from adsense

Please fill the adsense payent payment properly. Check twice every information you provided.

Google had sent AdSense Payment but not received in my bank account SBI

2 thoughts on “Google had sent AdSense Payment but not received in my bank account SBI.

  1. Abhay

    Do we have to fill fema every time the payment comes? Please reply.

  2. Yamini sharma

    @abhay. Just one time process. Now a days not even required. Wait for a stipulated time and then go the bank if not received. And don’t forget to add correct bank account number and swift code. This also can hold up your payment process.


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