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Which is 3 Best Kundli Software you must download Best Kundli Software.

Which is Best the Kundli Software – Our surroundings and environment have been developed to their advanced version. Today, we all are surrounded by technical and digital aspects. But even today, Astrology or Vedic Astrology holds great significance in society.

A lot of people look for applications and software that can help them in engaging in astrology. For which the question arises…Which is Best Kundli Software? Or Best Kundli Software!

Jyotishya or Jyotisha is a pure part of the Hindu System of Astrology, this is commonly known as Hindu Astrology, Vedic Astrology, or Indian Astrology.

A Kundli is a document used for performing astrological calculations, you can relate this term with horoscope. Earlier, a Kundli was prepared by Jyotishi on physical papers…you only need to give some personal details like date of birth, place of birth, time, etc.

However nowadays, advanced software has replaced the traditional Kundli-making process. Now you can prepare Digital Kundli like a professional with one click.

Well, in this article I have picked out some best software for this purpose. Here you will find out Which is the Best Kundli Pro Software for you. An application that holds modest usage, interface, working, and provides quick results…can be stated as best.

Astro-Vision Astrology Software

Astro-Vision Astrology Software is a very famous astrology software that holds amazing horoscopy features in it. By analyzing your inputs it gives pretty well predictions in twelve different languages.

Here you are going to see some features like Vaastu Shastra, Holistic Healing, Feng Shui, Family, and Marriage Counseling. Including countries like New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and many more…this application offer service in 45 countries.


  • Astro-Vision Astrology Software is one of the widely used software in this field.
  • This software is suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Regular Tutorials and Expert Support are provided on this platform.
  • Here you can use complete horoscopy methods.


MyKundli is perfect and reliable software for getting your marriage or love-related horoscopy! It is the sister concern of Ojas Softech Pvt. Ltd that works alongside a panel of expert and experienced astrologers.

This software is specially designed for promoting astrological know-how and its concepts. People who are facing troubles in their daily life and looking for medium astrology solutions…they must try this application.


  • Get daily, weekly, monthly predictions on your horoscope.
  • Purchase the premium membership and enjoy exclusive features.
  • Explore more about Sports, Politics, and the Share Market.
  • They have very initiative premium plans for users.


One of the most trusted and popular websites in this field is Onlinejyotish. It was established in 2004 to serve people with Vedic or Indian Astrology. It was the first website that came up as a leading platform among Indian Astrology Websites.

It is available for Indian users as a paid platform, you can use this on your computer, mobile phone, or online as well. Both online and offline services are available.


  • Onlinejyotish is available in Hindi, English, and Telugu.
  • You can use features like Horoscopes, Forecast Reports, Muhurta Service, and many more.
  • Indians born in UK, Canada, and Europe can use this application as well.
  • They have their android app as well!


So, these are the topmost software for Digital or Online Kundli. By reading this post you must figure out, Which is Best Kundli Software for you!

The applications I have selected here are mostly paid, as I don’t recommend using free applications for this purpose…they might provide incorrect results.

However, you can use the applications I have mentioned here without any doubt as they are associated with professionals. So, download Best Kundli Software now!

I hope you fount this post useful, if yes then you can share your views in the comment section.    

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