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Home » Revenue Hits review; a detailed Review about Revenue Hits – can you make money.

Revenue Hits review; a detailed Review about Revenue Hits – can you make money.

Revenue Hits review; a detailed Review about Revenue Hits – can you make money.

Revenue hits – can make it money for your blog.Got fed up with Google Adsense by not taking on the application or Google Adsense banned you. Getting Google Adsense approval is very hard these days. But don’t worry, revenue hits can help you.

Revenue hits is best till now in my experience.

Revenue hits is one of the best contextual and Geo target ad network, which offer the variety of ad solution. It is operated by Myadwise Company. The innovative ads are based upon CPA platform (cost per activity) you will get compensated if any activity is done by visitors. Ads will be served according to your content. Revenue hits assists publishers to monetize various online assets, mobile website, widgets, toolbar and more.

Who should use revenue hits?

  • Whose Google Adsense hasn’t approved?
  • Numerous people are giving money to those in need.
  • Monetize your website traffic.

One thing I don’t like revenue hits is the quality of ads they are serving.

But the revenue from revenue hits is far better. I already mention you revenue hits are based upon geolocation that means ads differ from one nation to another nation. If you get traffic from US and UK then I recommend you highly sign up now.

How to install revenue hits ads?

Their ad integration is very gentle; it is just like child work. You just simply put a Javascript code on your website and pay the rest of the work to revenue hits. They will automatically show ads based upon on your keywords. You can use the official revenue hits plugin in your WordPress.

Revenue hits application approval.

Revenue hits don’t have a hard terms and condition, unlike Google Adsense. Revenue hits application approval in minutes. It is instant application approval. You don’t require to wait even a single minute for approval. Click here now to sign up

Revenue hits have the stunning dashboard, it is very easy to use. You can create different ad units. Unlike Google Adsense you have limited to create 3 units, but here you can create an unlimited number of ad units. One thing I don’t like revenue hits, it ruins the user experience. So don’t place a number of ad units on your website.

revenue hits1

revenue hits12

You can put ad units in the different style in different ways. You can choose ad placement, ad placement means ads related to mobile and desktop site. Sign up today.


Well, you can see your payment in the payment section.

  • The minimum threshold payment is $20.
  • Payment will be made out by PayPal, wire, Payoneer.

SignUp now and use this advertising network. Try it for 4-5 days you will get the idea of this network.  Presently I am not using revenue hits.

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