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I have received so many electronic mails, they ask how much I should get for attempting question although the answer is wrong. CBSE is one of the finest education boards in India. These days CBSE set paper little hard. Let’s come to the point. I know why you are reading this post, you are one of them who attempt the question but the answer is not correct.

When I was in class 12th, my class teacher always says don’t allow any question blank. Write something which relates to the question. CBSE do provide numbers for attempting the question. If you write something which relates to given question you will be granted marks.

The benefit of attempting question even you don’t know the correct answers.

  1. Many times questions are erroneous; if you attempt the question you will be awarded full marks for that question.
  2. Even you leave the space in your answer sheet for the question you will be awarded grades. If a question is not correct.
  3. If you write something related to the question you will be getting some marks.

I desire to share my personal experience when I was in class 12th.  I attempt the entire question in accountancy, but there was a question for 8 marks pro-rata allocation of shares. I tried to answer that question. It claimed to solve me 30 minutes for a single question, but I know I solved but it was incorrect. After the exam, I found that the question was incorrect, as per the rules I got full 8 marks for the question. But many of my friends leave the space the for the question they also draw the full 8 marks for the query. But I was wasted precious 30 minutes for that question. Due to that, I amn’t able to solve the entire question properly. Even I don’t resolve the question properly I got 95 marks in accountancy.

Many things which matter, to get a number for attempting the question.

  1. It depends upon your answer.
  2. If your answer not much related, you will be given marks only for the statement.
  3. It depends upon examiner and his temper.
  4. If you did the rest of the paper very well, then you may get fewer marks for that question. While you rest of the paper not up to the marks, you will get marks. Examiners don’t want you to fail in the subject.

Checking also depends upon the question of the standard. If question paper is hard and lengthy then checking will be lenient. If the question is easy then no doubt checking will be tight.

Let’s just wait for the result.

Really ! Marks will awarded for attempting questions?

Yes. If this related to questions’ or question is wrongly framed.

Due to Covid-19 Exams postponed is it effect to my results?

Partially Yes.

I m feeling tensed and anxiety

Relax. you cant controlled what already happened.

Any questions and query comment below.

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  1. If i write the wrong answer in business and lastly write the right answer but doesnt strike the first one will i get mark?

    1. Maybe the chances you will not award any marks. How can you say the question is wrong? Maybe the question is wrong, but how examiners will assess. He may think you don’t know the answer. If you know the correct answer or not but almost try to attempt or left space for the answer. I hope you understand.

  2. Pllzzzz tell me are we getting marks only for journal entries if we have not written the amonts . I didnt write the amounts of pro rata ques. only basic journal entries i wrote which pertained to the the ques. plzzzz tell meeee will i gettt some marks out of 8
    plzzz plzzzz reply for this

  3. Hello, @tony.
    You have written a speech instead of an article.
    Don’t bother worrying. You will be awarded marks for content but not sure about format you written. So, 0.5-1.5 marks may be deducted for incorrect formatting.
    Focus on next exams. Don’t waste your energy which is can’t revert. Best of luck for the next exam.

  4. I had studied hard for Physics and still in exam I couldn’t remember the retain and Jo Jo pdhe the wo aaya nahi ..still I had attempted all the questions but most of them are wrong and not so upto the mark .will I get a compartment? Will I pass

    1. Hi sourav. I want to share my story. I passed exam CBSE 2015. It was my maths paper. Paper bhaut tuff aaya tha. Time bhi kam pad gaya. 60% questions hi bas solve hue wo bhi guaranteed nhi sahi solve hue. 2015 maths paper unexpected questions they. Maine socha liye tha mai fail. Board exams hone ke bad bhi I studied for the paper so that I can pass in compartment exam.
      Or jab result aaya I scored 80 marks. That was the happiest moment for me.
      Paper tumko tuff laga toh sabko tuff hi lagega. If you didn’t prepare nothing uska kuch nahi bol skte.
      Don’t loose hope, mujhe aajtk samaj nahi aaya CBSE 80 marks kaise de diya. Isi liye i don’t believe in marks. Don’t loose hope. You will pass. Tension lene se Koi fyda nahi. Fail honge bhi kuch nahi hoga compartment de dena. Those who score 60% and i scored 87% both are earning almost same and living same life style. If you need any help just hit message or contact us.

  5. @rekha You have attempted 60 marks in accountancy but you still confused whether you pass or fail and you didn’t knew the rest you attempted right or wrong. It.depends, in accounts marks will awarded for step making. You need at least 26 marks for passing out of 80. You can expect easily 38-40 marks out of 60. Don’t worry you will pass.. Sometimes you will get more than expected in CBSE exam.

  6. Today was my maths paper of class 10th cbse… I attempted just 60 marks, left space for the questions i knew but didn’t got time to attempt them.. As there were 40 questions and i was unable to complete all the questions… And i don’t know like how much is correct of the matter i attempted… Can you please tell me what kind of marks i will get… And yeah before that it was my science paper that was very difficult i attempted many questions but don’t know how much is correct… What do you say about that…..

  7. Hii it was my maths paper i attempted many questions and some of them are wrong i think so i will pass or not
    Cbse will give compartment in 1 0r 2 subjects

  8. hello! i’ve attempted my accountancy paper for just 57 marks and im not sure whether any one of my answer are correct.. so would i pass with getting step marks ?

  9. hello please reply ! i’ve attempted my acc paper for just 57 marks and im not sure whether the answers are correct for all the questions. so would i pass with getting step marks ?
    please do reply

  10. @rohit. you will get pass by step marking. Don’t worry. I have already shared how I got 95 marks in accounts even I attempted for 66 marks out of 80 and I got full marks for project. Total 95 marks. You will pass with good marks. Due to covid 19. This year we can expect lenient check in CBSE board exam 2020.

  11. I am shritej Kumar class 12 bio student
    In biology paper there was a question that how ahmed khan found solutions to fir polythene… Ans was something else i didn’t know at that time but i have written ans in relation to the question.. That how can we fix the prblm of polythene. So will the marks granted????

  12. I have done 1 question wrong of 4 marks in maths class 10, my all the remaining paper was good but I am depressed of this particular question. Will I’ll be getting some 1 or 2 marks for that question? I have attempted it but that was incorrect.please reply.

    1. Yes. U will awarded 1-3 marks. For step marking and correct formula. And don’t get depressed for this small issue. Nothing will happen if you score 100 or 0 marks. Enjoy the way of life.

  13. Will they give half a marks to compartment exam students also for attempting ….
    I just gave my class 12th maths compartment exam the entire pattern of 6 marker ques was changed….
    I’m really scared!!
    I have calculated strictly n I’m getting 23 or 24 marks sure and shot…but I require 26 marks to pass…
    Will there be grace or moderation for class 12 compartment students also???
    Plz ans I am really really worried!
    The pattern was changed

    1. Did you attempt the whole question? Did you write something related to the question, which fetches marks? If yes, then surely, marks will be awarded to you. As you said, you are sure, that you will get marks close to 24 and passing marks is 26. I think you will clear the exam. 99% chances are there to clear. And don’t worry, If you are unable to clear the exams, nothing will happen. You can try next time. I hope that will not happen. Don’t take any harsh steps. And there is nothing to be worried about. You will sail through.

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