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How to score good and full marks in maths class 10 board CBSE

How to score good and full marks in maths class 10 board CBSE.

(Don’t aim for 90 marks, but 100 marks.)

CBSE class 10th board exams are near the corner, as usual, parents and teachers are expecting from their wards to score full grades in class 10th especially in mathematics.

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Class 10th is the base for your future, the result of class 10th decides, what stream will you take in class 11th.

If you are planning to take off Science or commerce stream in class 11th then strong base in maths is a must.

Class 10 math chapters are much easier as compared to class 9. If you are strong in maths, and so you don’t necessitate to make much effort.

  • First, solve 2 to 3 times NCERT book, solve each and every question and examples.

  • Make your concepts properly about a chapter, After you complete a chapter, give a mock exam of approximately 50 or 100 marks. You can download the question papers from the internet or you can buy some question paper booklets.

  • Try not to do too much rough on the sides of your answer sheets. Do it in a separate extra rough sheet.

  • Do not skip any topic, complete the syllabus thoroughly.

  • Pay attention to details, a single misplaced decimal sign or-or + can lead to an incorrect answer to questions you otherwise know.

  • Solve previous 5year question paper, and other sample paper, you can download from the internet.

  • Keep your formulae/concept list with you and read it at least 3 times a day.

  • For other references, guides should be utilized. Some of them, which helped are— RD Sharma and Oswalls question banks.

  • If you have completed NCERT then only go for other references because most of the questions will come from NCERT only.

  • Daily practice few HOTS problems. You will find it on the internet. It will help you further your problem-solving capacity. Practice mensuration problems more.

  • Identify trends in the question paper Identify your weak areas, where you are unable to answer and where you do wrong.

  • Increase your speed in doing so you are able to finish the exam and have some time for revision during the test.

  • Try to finish your complete term syllabus within 2 months.

  • Improve your calculation speed because maths paper generally comes lengthy and little tricky.

  • Attempt all the questions and don’t spare any question, write something which relates formula or anything. CBSE do provide marks for attempting the question in an examination.

  • While doing sample papers, try to complete it within 2 hours or less.

  • If you have completed from NCERT book, then only go to RD Sharma book. Solve RD Sharma 2 times, this will increase your confidence and sure shot full marks in mathematics.

  • Attempt to improve your handwriting while doing the problems. Give proper reasons at wherever required during doing a problem. It creates such a good first impression. Try your best to maintain the same type of handwriting while doing your last problem in the exam as the 1st problem you did at the beginning.

  • Be honest with yourself and be disciplined. Do meditation every day for 10 minutes. It will help your mind to be calm.

  • Practice as much as you possibly can.

  • Solve your doubts with your teacher as soon as possible.

Follow these tips to score full grades in class 10th maths.

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