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How to make money through internet or online- 6ways 100% make money

How to make money through the internet or online ways 100% make money.

Many people all over the globe, most searched phrase on Google “how to make money from online” “how to earn money from the internet.”  Very common, I am one of those who searched these phrases. Straight to the point, you can earn huge money from online, but it’s not that easy to earn money online.  Later in this post, I will articulate you, why making money from online is quite hard. Making money online requires hard work with smart work and so much of patience.  If you are a student and If you have time, warmth and attitude of hardworking, then you can easily make huge money.

make money online

I have spent one year to reach 10$. Have a thought on it, if making money online is so easy, then people won’t go office, no one does physically hard work, everybody sits at home and earn money online, but this is not the case. Earning money online, patience and hard work both are involved.

But, I have watched many people they left their job and now making nice money from online, these are those masses who have great commitment, love, and strong work attitude. Making money online requires discipline, the majority of people don’t have discipline.

If you have all those qualities then you are welcome, to make money online easily.

100% genuine ways to, make money online.


This is one of the best methods to make money online. But in this, you need to have patience and hard work. You can gain a huge sum of money from blogging, there is no boundary, it depends on your hard work and ability. In blogging, you will come to know new things, what is SEO, SSM, SEM, etc. 70 percent people opt for blogging because it’s better and best method to earn money.  If you are new to blogging, you don’t know nearly anything about blogging, I recommend to make a free blog on blog spot, afterward, you can move to paid domain and hosting. If you blab about me, I was first used the free one and then I moved to paid domain and hosting. If you want to make a website, read this, how to create a website.


You can gain money easily on YouTube, earning money on YouTube only you need to possess the skill and natural endowment. We all know YouTube is the next big search engine after Google. Upload videos on YouTube, you can make videos like gaming, technology, cooking, tutorials, etc. now more and more people are coming to YouTube. Videos are more entertaining and engaging. You will get quick approve from Google Adsense if your content is original. You can start earning from the first day itself.



Freelancing is ‘Work from Home’ as per client’s demands. A Freelancer is a person who is ‘self-employ‘. Many of the websites provide freelancing work that affords an opportunity to everyone to run as independent, where the client provides their requirements as a project and freelancer show their interest that pertains to their job/service.  You can make money good money on freelance. But in this also you need to possess a proficient skill and natural endowment. Websites like,, you need to sign up with your email, and you have to fill up the form, which consists of  your interests and what skill you possess, you have given the information of your skills, like web design, copywriting, article writing, video designing, animation, etc. after then you have to bid on that, how much will you charge for  that job, if anybody needs any project which corresponds with your skill, they will give that project within a limited time. In many cases, you don’t get any project initially after joining the freelancer, it takes the time to get a project from this website.

Example of leading freelancing websites
  • Write books

If you own a writing hobby, then you can make money by writing books. Many bloggers sell their own post by converting into a book. You can also write any book according to your interest, for example, motivational books, tech books, magazine, health related books. After writing books upload to amazon kindle and google play store, they will review your book and publish on their site. If anyone buys the book you will get compensated and you will get a royalty on that.

Writing a book is not a joke, it requires passion and good knowledge on the subject. If you have an interest, then you can write. Once you get succeed you will be rich

  • Affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate selling is one of the oldest varieties of marketing wherein you refer somebody to any online product and when that individual buys the merchandise based on your passport, you get a money. This commission varies from $1 to $10000, depending on what product you are advertising.

This commission varies from $1 to $10000, depending on what product you are advertising.

You can do affiliate marketing on YouTube and websites to make money.

  • You can even create your own application.

You can create a good income by making mobile apps for android, iPhone and windows users. You can also create apps in free without any coding knowledge, but it’s not making sense.  After creating an app upload to apps store and earn money whenever a user download and view ads on your application.

If you have an interest in developing apps, then I recommend joining good online android developer class and learn to make apps.

So, friends, I have shared only 6 ways to get money online, there are other sources also you can earn money online, but those sources are bogus and a waste of time and money. Thither are many sites like, solve CAPTCHA, survey, click or view ads, data entry those sites are phony and they assure to make money once you gain a certain amount of dollars, but when you hit that limit they will you ban and remove your id from their website. These sites even can’t make honest money, how can they pay you.

What I shared with you is a genuine means to earn money online, if you liked the post please share on social websites.sites.

If I had any missed any genuine source to make money online, drop a comment I will add more information to this post.

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