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11 common ways your Adsense account can disable and blocked permanently.

11 common ways your Adsense account can disable and blocked permanently. How to keep Adsense account safe?

In this post, we talk about the actual reasons, why Google Adsense blocked or disabled. Mostly, what goes on, when we have got Adsense approval, we lose our focus on rules and regulation of adsense. Google changes their policies frequently. In such case, we should focus on their rules and regulation. Google Adsense is a very popular advertising program. So many websites depend on this platform.   Even we all know, how much struggle we faced after Adsense approval. At last, we got the approval. If you don’t follow and abide by their rules, soon your Adsense will be blocked.  One single mistake can take away your Adsense account.

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Let’s focus on reasons, why Adsense account disabled. There are mainly 11 reasons.

  • Clicking on own ads or asking friends to do.


There are many instances, I had seen many bloggers desperately click on their ads. If not, they ask their friends to click. This is the main reason.  Don’t be foolish, in such, you can’t make a money. You are thinking you are cleverer than google. You even don’t know, google track each and everything. Your location, your browser history etc. so friends if you are doing stop this.

  • Ads size.

Initial days of my blogging, I put 250×250 above the post, after a few days I got a mail, in that mail contained, remove that kind size from the post within 2 weeks, if not my Adsense account can disable at any time. This is the most reasons why Adsense account disabled. Google Adsense only allows responsive ad size at the top of the post. Because this kind of ads fit easily and appear good. Before installing any size ads first research and then put.

  • Putting ads other than approved sites.

Many bloggers do this. They put their Adsense ads on another high traffic site. This happens because of greed, of money. They try to mislead and cheat. Again, I told you, don’t think you are smarter than Google.  One of my friends asks me to put his Adsense account. I agreed to it because I don’t know about this fact. For a few days, he Adsense work fine, only after a few days his Adsense account blocked.  So never put your advertisements on another site.

  • Copyright content.

Never share on your blog, copy content. This is the major issue why your AdSense account can block. Such as copyright movies, images or any post without an approval. I have a friend what he did is, he shares usually pirates software’s, games and product code. Even his Adsense account also disabled. If your blog comes under such categories stop sharing copyright content.

  • Showing ads on 404 pages not found.

This is also a reason; your Adsense account can disable. Check your website, whether your ads are showing 404 error page not found or not. If showing, disable your ads setting using any plugin.

  • Serving other ads program.

If you’re showing ads other than Adsense, your Adsense account can disable. Some advertisement program doesn’t comply with Adsense policy. If you’re serving other ads program on your blog. Review and make changes accordingly.

  • Showing vulgar and obscene content.

If your blog is about obscene and offensive content. Google Adsense will block your account without a second opinion. It is always advisable to read the Adsense policy and terms.

  • Manipulating Adsense code.

If you are attempting to manipulate Adsense code, your Adsense account will be in a vulnerability. It doesn’t matter you are an expert in manipulating code in terms of Google Adsense. Google can easily track and can disable your account.

  • Blogging on an auto content post.

Some plugins are available, where you don’t have to do anything. It works in airplane mode. Content automatically changes. Into such posts, your Adsense is running, then I can surely tell you, your Adsense can block at any time.

  • Same pages and posts.

You can’t share again and again same post and pages. If you are sharing same posts for traffic then your Adsense can disable. Even visitors also don’t like If you are sharing 3 -4 times same post.

  • Manipulating visitors to click on ads.

I had seen many websites, where they put ads such a way, you don’t even know whether it is an ad or an image.  They put ads on a popup or label as an image. Don’t integrate your website design or color with Adsense. If you read google policy they clearly stated. They will not entertain such things. In such way, you can lose your Adsense account.

Finally, if you want to make money from AdSense then follow the Adsense policy. Whenever adsense changes their policy, they often send emails to their members. Read them and keep your Adsense account safe.

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