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How to crack any job interview successfully- 10 proven points.

How to crack any job interview successfully- 10 proven points.

Are you feeling anxiety, fear and uncertain for your upcoming interview selection? Don’t worry about it.

Most people begin their career and end up their career with a job. I am also one among them. I personally feel l don’t want to terminate my career as job seeker instead of that I want to end my career as job creators.

How to crack any job interview successfully- 10 proven points.

I have given my first job interview in Accenture and I cracked it. From today till date I have given 12-13 interviews My selection rate in the interview is 90%. I have experienced in the vast field related to BPO, NGO, Insurance company, telecom sector and IT company.

I did my MBA from Amity University in telecommunication management. I have cracked every college campus interview and my success rate is quite unspoiled. Last month I had 3 job offers and eventually, I denied.

As I mentioned, I don’t want to remain as job seeker instead job creators.

All those job advice are my personal opinion and experience to date.

Here are the 10 tips to crack any job interviews. Before going for job interview consider these 10 important necessary tips.


The aim of your CV should be presented to your potential employer why you are the best person for this job. Your CV, it is the foremost thing that goes in front of the interviewer. Your CV is the first impression to the interviewer. If interviewer, don’t like your CV and found any immature mistake, then his perception may be bad for you. And also keep in mind that your small silly mistakes can point your antics. If a person is inadmissible to make his CV, then there are chances to do the job too, and the interviewer knows this well. It is also important to make a good CV because candidates are sorted out on the basis of CV first in most of the companies. So this is the most important step you should never miss.

You may have questions, how to make a good CV, but I don’t have the perfect answer for this. But I can share some important points, so keep this point into consideration.

  • Make sure your CV look professional.
  • Use bullet points instead of a paragraph, this makes an interviewer understand well.
  • Don’t make any spelling mistake on your CV.
  • Don’t prepare your CV for more than one page.
  • Make different CV for different kind of jobs in different companies.
  • Highlights important points related to your job.
  • If possible, ask your colleagues and friends to read your CV, if they found any changes, then do accordingly.
  • Give special attention to theoretical knowledge related to the job.


I worked for the past 2 years in the telecom sector and I have a fine knowledge in this field, but whenever I have an interview scheduled, I repeat my old books, PPTs, and other resource material well. And give equal importance to theoretical knowledge to your job. I know some people who have good knowledge of how practical they work, but they lack technical terms and theory and because of this success not found. You don’t do such kind of mistake and don’t underestimate theoretical knowledge.

The interviewer also judges initially by the quality of your answer, whether you are prepared qualified candidate or not.

Never ever take the interview as casually, an interview is a competition. You have to prove yourself better than others.

I am emphasizing the practical knowledge here because if you are a fresher then you are expecting practical knowledge and if you are experienced candidate then definitely you will have practical knowledge.

  •  Put yourself in the place of an employer.

Think of what you would see in an ideal candidate if you were an interviewer. Try to understand the specific requirement of the job vacancy, and to meet those needs you can showcase those qualities in the interview. On the other hand, you can also hide the qualities that do not fit for this job.

For example, if you are going for a marketing job, you can highlight your traveling hobby, but if you are going for an operation job then you should not highlight it. You can make changes to your CV according to different job requirement and make it more effective.

Normally an interviewer looks into your confidence, subject knowledge, and constancy, the ability to function in teams, etc.. Many times this also happens that you are overqualified for the same line of work, such as for computer operator any MCA is interviewing for that line of work. The employer will hesitate to select because in his job there will be less chance of survival. So if your qualification is more according to the job, then better not to mention it.

Likewise, when you look at placing yourself in the employer, many things come into your mind and prepare yourself accordingly.


  • Prepare frequently asked questions (FAQ).


In a job interview, few questions are very common, which consists of almost in every interview asked. Prepare those questions correctly and properly. And prepare all questions in which interviewer can ask in the opposite of your answer.

List of questions interviewers can ask frequently.

  • Tell me about yourself/walk me through your CV/ Introduce yourself.
  • Do you want to ask any questions?
  • Tell us about your current job, what is your role?
  • Why do you want to join our company?
  • Why there is a gap in your studies/job
  • Why do you want to leave your current job?
  • What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  • Why should we select you for this job?
  • Why did you choose this specific specialization?
  • Why your marks are really low on ABC, XYZ exams?
  • What has been your greatest achievement to date?

In addition to your industry related, common questions can also ask. So in advance, prepare all questions carefully in well timed.

Prepare all questions, but don’t do rote learning, these questions are given for mental clarity. Make an outline of these questions in your mind. And be ready to give the correct answer if these questions were asked.

  • Run a complete interview process in your mind several times.

Whenever I have to give an interview, before that I run the interview process 4-5 times in my mind. It is very clear, detailed and simple. In this, I think about the smallest thing until the end of the morning. By doing so, my mind becomes totally clear about many things. Like when to wake up, how to go, how long to reach, what to do, what to go, how to keep gestures, how to introduce yourself etc.

The most important function is to visualize yourself interacting with the interviewer.

  • Mock and mirror practice.

During MBA, I had given mock interviews several times before the campus selection, together with my acquaintance. We had also recorded these interviews with a webcam, and I have found lots of benefits. If you do not have much experience in giving interviews, you must also give a mock interview, you can request, a friend or a senior who can give a right feedback to you. Make this activity very seriously, this can teach you a lot.  Because often we don’t see those mistakes we make, but they can easily point those things easily.

Focus on non-verbal communication.

The way we communicate, it reaches 2 ways to that person, verbally and non-verbally.

Verbally, that is what we speak and write and non-verbally the other things, how we speak, in what tone, our way of posture, eye contact, even our dressing sense. In a research, it found that only 20% of our total communication is verbal and 80% are nonverbal.

That’s why we necessitate giving more importance to this 80% of this. While interacting with the interview you need to keep this point in your mind.

  • The interviewer must presume, you are genuinely interested in this job. So dress up properly and be in early.
  • Don’t talk in a muffled voice. Be confidence and dynamism.
  • Always keeps smiling on your face and keep a friendly gesture with the interviewer.
  • Don’t give a contradictory answer.

To check your honesty and integrity, the interviewer asks questions related to this.

For example, if you already said that this your dream company, but when it is asked what the company does, and you cannot tell properly, then the message goes that  on one side, “this is your dream company” and on the other hand if you don’t even have basic information about It, then this does not mean you are not honest.

Or suppose you have written your hobby playing cricket in the CV and if you say playing chess in the interview then the interviewer will certainly doubt you.

It is better to speak honestly in the interview. If you have spoken more in excitement or nervous then stay on that answer and don’t contradict it during the entire interview.

  • Speak in an interview that language in which you are comfortable.

If you are proficient in talking English and Hindi, you can skip this point, but if you are not comfortable in English, then this can be an important point.

If you see today, most job interviews are in English, but in many places where there may be interviews are in Hindi but people try to give the answer in English only.

Look, it’s better to speak correct proficient Hindi than wrong broken English.

If the job is such, where English is necessary, such as international call center, then try to talk in English only.

Read this post to learn English effectively.

  • Think with a positive attitude –“ if you are selected then good and if you not selected then extremely good.

Don’t be over conscious to be selected for the interview. Even if you are not selected, then nothing wrongs happen. Even you will get a good interview experience. Think with the positive attitude, maybe somewhere god has reserved much better job than this.

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