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Which is the best route CA foundation vs Direct entry?

Which is the best route CA foundation v’s Direct entry?

Most confusion questions from students “which is the best, whether CA foundation or direct entry. Both options are their own merits and demerits.

cpt vs foundation, direct entry

We all know ICAI recently revised their syllabus, which makes tougher than ever earlier.

Earlier CPT was changed to the CA foundation, which made it hard to crack and some other alterations made on other levels of CA exams.

CA foundation or direct entrance, which is the best to start with.

In this post, I share here my personal opinion, don’t get offended.

I personally believe you should start your CA course with the CA foundation. I am now currently pursuing and I have cleared CPT when I was in the first year. Due to my college attendance, I could not manage to join classes. After my graduation, I will join the CA IPCC.

Why should you start with CA Foundation?

  • You will get a fair idea, what is all about the CA course.
  • It is seen that Direct entry students unable to get a good article ship firm.
  • Through the CA foundation entry route you will get time 9 months to study for IPCC, whereas for direct entry students first, they have to appear in ITT training and then join firm for 8 months and simultaneously appear for the IPCC.
  • CA firms think twice to get direct entry students because; they don’t bear the required knowledge as compared to CA IPCC students.
  • CA firms don’t allow students to take more exam preparation leaves and direct entry students generally unable to cope up with between coaching classes and articles.
  • For direct entry students, it’s very difficult to pass CA IPCC exams because they have to manage office work and study both simultaneously.
  • CPT is a litmus paper test. If you don’t clear, you clearly recognize that you have other career options to seem at. I mean, in case one is unable to clear CPT, I personally believe it’ll be really difficult for him to cope with the curriculum on an advanced scale.
  • Direct entry students don’t get the best CA firms for articles unless if you hold any reference.

What are the benefits of the direct entry scheme?

  • You will able to complete the CA course in 3 years. Through the CA foundation route, it takes 4 years.
  • Hence, you have attended your college; if you participated in college events, then you have good experience and communication skills.
  • If you fail to clear your CA Exam, you will have a backup in store for you, your graduate degree.
  • In case you feel you want to take some time, think about it, explore more fields, or perhaps focus on one thing at a time, then the Direct entry scheme would be useful.

Other than this, no other benefits of a Direct entry scheme.

As earlier I said, I am now in final year and I completed CA foundation, next year I will be joining CA IPCC, in the past 3 years, I learned so much during my college, I participated every event, debates, seminars. Really college shapes one’s life. And I learned so many other things and explored new things.

Maybe these things will benefit my future.

Now to cut the long story short, I believe to be it CPT or Direct Entry Scheme, both of them have their pros and cons. You must look into your current situation and then decide on which route to take. Hence, if you are perfectly sure of this, being from CPT or a direct entry scheme wouldn’t make a very large conflict.

Withal, I am by no way discouraging anyone from the direct entry route. In fact, I have some friends, who I know will make great CAs. Here’s a possibility you might not clear CPT or direct entry system might not fetch you a decent article.  You needn’t always choose the easy path, for the path with more difficulty often grants experience.

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  1. Hi Rajkumar, I’m doing my 12th grade (Science) and I was not clear about how to apply for a CA and CPT. I had some discussion with my neighbors and my older friends, but the answer from everyone was quite different. I was totally confused. But after reading this article, I got cleared from all confusions. Thanks a lot for posting this article which makes a big sense related to CA.

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