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Home » How to develop an impressive good personality, A secret No one tells.

How to develop an impressive good personality, A secret No one tells.

How to develop an impressive personality.

  How to develop an impressive personality.

What does personality mean? Does personality means good or a smart look or having a rich quality lifestyle. None of them are considered a personality to mean. We met so many people in our day to day life, but very few of them attract or impress us, we often say this kind of people “what a pleasant personality”. These kinds of people always happy in their life, they got respect everywhere and even got an early promotion in their respective jobs. No one is absolutely perfect, but one can become perfect by identifying their shortcoming and he can work hard to make it correct. Some people don’t feel ashamed to improve their shortcomings and mistakes, where others feel ashamed to admit their weakness and abuse. This is the reason these people always defeated by others. Naturally, we all want to possess an impressive personality. In this post, we shall discuss, how to develop an impressive personality. These tips may assist you to build up an impressive personality.

Like people genuinely-

Whenever we meet someone, we create an image in our mind; the image can be positive, negative or neutral. But if we want to improve personality, we must be intentionally had to create a positive image. We must direct our mind to seek exclusively for positive in others. This is not so hard, only you have to give an instruction to your mind and leave the rest of it, it will search for positive in others. We must be patient with the people. All are not alike. We must not be irritated with others shortcoming.

Friends, there is off-putting in our environment, we often listen every day, robbery, fraud and cheating and maybe this is the ground, trust has become hidden.  I am not saying don’t trust people blindly, but I am also saying don’t distrust people blindly.

  • Create a list-

No one can know you better than you. You know what condition or situation you feel shortcoming in yourself. Make a list to overcome this shortcoming. If you run over or continue to shy away from its shortcoming, then shortcoming will cling to you.

  • Meet people with a genuine smile

Whenever you meet your best friend, then what happen? You see each other and give a big smile, isn’t.

The smile tells that you like the person, and this applies to every kind of relations. So get the genuine smile on face, a smile makes your life beautiful, people will like you and they will happy to meet you. When you smile in return they will also smile, ( the Of course very rare chance they don’t smile when you smile). In a research found that, when you happy from inside, you will likely to happy from outside too. When you happy, your health will be good and ultimately you will lead a happy life. So don’t forget to carry a sweet smile whenever you go.

  • Always place YOU first then I.

Whom you like more, the person who talks his point or listen to you, of course, you will choose the second one. Everyone is selfish; he or she always put first himself for ex. I like that, I love fruits, I’ll do it etc. But you do differently, you talk about what he or she likes for ex. How are you, what do you like. When you do that. Replace I with YOU. I bet people will like you. Everyone wants to hang out with you.

  • Improve your hairstyle or dressing sense

How you dress up has an impingement on your confidence. I would like to tell you here, I am talking about ordinary people like you and me. A great personality like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi has nothing to do with it, if you fall into this category, then you too.

I myself feel this thing, when I am in best attire, then automatically increases my confidence. So whenever there is a presentation or job interview I am very well prepared. In fact, when you look right you will get the confidence to confront people on vice versa when you poorly dress up then you are very conscious.

  • Became expert in your own field-

You can’t expert in all areas. But you can expert in your own field. Once you have achieved mastery in one thing you will be confident. All you need to choose something according to your interest. Give 99% to your work. This makes you ultimately confidence. If any person has mastery in one subject area, he doesn’t have any concern that he doesn’t have knowledge in any other area. For example, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, will he ever bothered by the fact that he did not study higher. Never!!

You can choose any field, according to your interest. It may be music, dance, and sports or may be any subject you want to be a specialization or any expertise that made you stand out of the crowd. This is not so hard. You already best as compare to others. Only thing is required to do little efforts and hard work. This will hold a couple of times to become an expert. When you do this, people will honor you and those made ultimately increase your trust.

  • Help people without thinking about your benefit

Many times we are in a situation, we can help others, but we don’t help, maybe our laziness or May we think what benefit we will get from helping others. But an impressive personality person always ready to help others. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your important work to do just help people. Your selfless help can lift you in the eyes of people and you will feel good.

You might hear this “a little bit of fragrance always clings of the hands that gives you roses”

  • Improve your self-confidence

You should always work to improve your confidence levels. Confidence can be developed easily by attaining perfection. Do what you like and like what you do. Don’t speak in a muffled voice. Have you ever remarked, at how bad look guy has a beautiful girlfriend, the answer is, the guy has an impressive confidence.

  • Observe and improve continuously-

A Personality development is an ongoing process and has an infinite scope. Don’t stop developing on your personality. Many people think I have built up an impressive personality and then I don’t need to worry about this. This is a wrong way of thinking. Don’t think smart about yourself and maybe people don’t like what you think. By Observing and improving your personality continuously you will find that you have to improve much more time than this.

  • Especially the last point

Life is yours and a decision is always yours. Don’t regret yourself later, why I have not sprung up an impressive personality. Life doesn’t give another chance. You know much better your own mistake. You are the only person who can confiscate your shortcoming and failures of your life. The shortcoming whatever may be low confidence or low communication skills, you have to work on it.

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