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TIPS,How to score good marks in economics CBSE board class 12th ,90+


      How to score good marks in economics CBSE board class 12th.

Tips to score above 90+ in cbse board exam..

Economics is one of the scoring subjects; anyone can easily score more than 90 marks easily. Economics subject demands crystal clear concept and good presentation. To build a strong foundation of the subject, one needs to work hard on the subject for the day starting itself. I had seen so many students, who fail to score good marks. Economics is a subject; you can’t leave to study one day before the exams.

Economics subject has a very vast syllabus, and every topic is important. You can’t imagine, what will come in exam.

Economics subject has 2 sections.

  • Micro economics
  • Macro economics

Each part covers 50-50 marks, you have to cover the whole syllabus.

The question paper consists of 29 questions. Economics paper covers 100 marks. There will be 6 MCQ, 4 MCQ from micro economics and 2MCQ from macro economics.

The paper will definitely be going to be lengthy, you have to cover 29 questions, which cover 100 marks.

A full presentation can get you good marks, a good presentation only comes from good planning and good planning comes from heavy work.

There will be 2 values-based questions, attempt value based question. Value based questions are a little slick, but you can score full marks in it. Attempt all questions, don’t leave any question blank. It is better to write something than nothing.

There are so many important topics, cover every topic. Every topic is important, don’t leave any topic.

Work hard to score good marks. I already referred a good presentation can fetch few marks easily. Presentation matters only when you write correct answer to the given question.

When you write an answer, highlight the important and keyword sentence and word. Draw tables and numerical chats where ever it is necessary. Explain the numerical chat. Draw graph neatly with a sharp pencil, wherever it is necessary. Give the label to graphs and explain the graph nicely. The numerical question will be there, practice numerical, read formula. Numerals are very easy, practice it. The practice numerical question of the national income chapter, maximum questions will be taken from there. In macroeconomics numerical can be asked from anywhere, so no guess from there.

Work out questions from the scanner and previous, year questions papers and model paper. When you solve questions from previous year paper, you will get an idea and pattern of questions.

Remember, there is no shortcut for success. The road to success is always straight.

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