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Adsense ads are Not showing, but pages updating, no impression Blank ads.

Adsense ads are Not showing, but pages updating, no impression Blank ads.

One day you wake up, and you lift the phone. Your hand scroll over, and you opened the Adsense Dashboard. Suddenly your eyes fall on Adsense stats.

You astonished and found, in Adsense dashboard, Pages Views are updating, BUT Impression is zero. And you immediately opened your Blog to see whether Ads showing or not. But no favor on your side. The ads went Blank.

And you searched this problem on google, and you landed on my blog for a solution.

You landed on the correct page, the solution to this problem you won’t find anywhere.

Let’s cut the topic, what is the exact problem with your Adsense account. Interrogate with yourself.

What’s wrong, you did. Why this happened, never blame Google for this issue.

I can tell you what you did in the past, and that is the reason what you are facing this issue today.

In simple words, your Adsense is Suspended or disabled. If suspended, you can regain within 30days. If disabled, then your Adsense account is permanently banned.

If the issue is such severe as fraud clicks and invalid activity, then your Adsense account will be permanently banned.

You will get an email regarding the Adsense account.

One of my friends faced this issue, so I am sharing it with you.

His account temporarily banned for 30 days. He also faced the same issue that you are facing today.

He used to ask his friends, relatives, and colleagues to click ads on his blog. Initially, he was so happy; his income was increasing. Within 15 days his Adsense account suspended.  

He received an email after two days about the issue.

He took help from support google; nothing happens.

I suggest you don’t write any problem with support google, especially for this issue. Because you intentionally clicked on ads.

Support google won’t help you much; my friend tried no response. Even the support team mocked him after reviewing his blog.  If they found any copyright or unsuitable content. They can permanently ban your Adsense account.

Many people are facing this issue. Your Adsense account suspended for 30 days.

 Never do such an act again. Never click on your ads.

Google is smarter than you. They have installed a powerful firewall system to monitor every single click. Adsense can easily detect every single click based upon location, IP address, device and every action.

You are asking one or more people to click ads simultaneously and inflating clicks and earning.

If you are not doing or you have not asked anyone to do such an act, then you can appeal to Adsense team.  Appeal only when the issue is not from your end and doesn’t wait until the account suspended. If you found any suspicious activity immediately inform and appeal. It can save your Adsense account from suspended.

Now you can’t do anything if you are facing this problem. Wait for 30 days. You will able to regain the Adsense account.

For more information, check your email. If you have not received any email yet, wait for one day. Adsense will notify you.

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