After class 12th with commerce what should you serve?

By | February 20, 2016
(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

After class 12th with commerce, what should you serve?

After class 12th with commerce, what should you serve?I am also from commerce background student, I know how difficult to choose a career in commerce stream. Later on my class 12th CBSE board exam, I had to select a stream of commerce, which is really difficult at a youthful age. I am saying a real difficult because what course you take at that stage you have to go along with that. Commerce is a vast stream it is like an ocean, of course, choose according to your interest and passion, don’t go with a name and pride. More often than not what happen many students take a course, which they can feel with name and pride, my uncle, cousin who is pursuing from Amity university, before doing he was training for IIT, unfortunately, he can’t win, because he was not concerned about doing IIT rather he was exercising because he can generate a name and pride. So don’t even go there with that nonsense.


The same situation happens with commerce students they take courses like CA, CS all traditional course which generates a high name and pride, but these classes require high care and hard work, that’s why very few are drawing away every year. That’s not what I am saying don’t go with CA, CS all traditional course, it is up to you to choose according to your interest and passion. CA, CS, CMA, etc these courses are the evergreen course for commerce field students.


Many courses are available other than these traditional courses. You may go with or honors, BBA, BBM, LLB(law), designer, BA, BCA etc.


I had scored good marks in the 80s in the class12th exam, now I am pursuing honors. After honors, I will go with CA.  I planned for honors and then CA because if you go with CA you have to opt general with distance learning, suppose if you don’t succeed in CA then plain with distance learning don’t fetch you take decent job and admission in good college for your master degree.


I knew many of my acquaintances who are pursuing CA, they are good at studies but they are bound in one place for 2year they are unable to clear their IPCC group with many attacks. Now they are planning to quit CA, they are panicking because they don’t have even a regular degree after 3 years. Most of them of them cleared CA exam easily with a regular degree. You can do both at the same time, it will cut down time and money also.


On the other hand, many of my acquaintances who are cleared every exam easily, but they are doing CA after their regular grade. CA is uncertain, that’s why very few are passing out every year. Those pupils are doing CA after their regular degree they are potential to clear the CA exam because they already studied in the past, they induce an approximation.


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    it is a good advice ,sir
    i `want to persuade BBA finance
    must it be right

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