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How to score good marks in commerce class 12th CBSE board examinations.

How to score good marks in commerce class 12th CBSE board examinations.

Commerce is a very easy and conceptual subject, anyone can score good marks above 90 percent and above, to score above 90 percent, right approach and strategies and time management needed. The right approach is to use correct time management, it helps you score good marks in any subject.

This is true, but bitter, if you fail to score above 90 percent in commerce stream, then it is really difficult to get reputed college for your higher studies. We all know the competition is cut throat. There is competition in every corner. Competition is good, it helps you to work effectively.

Play hard and follow a strict regimen, class 12th is the last session of your school life, give 100 percent and devote full angry toward your subjects.

For scoring good marks in any subject, only one thing is required, that is a good concept, whether the accounts, English, economics, business studies, all these subject require concepts. Without sound concepts, you can’t manage to score good grades.

When I was in class in  12th, my percent was 86, I manage to score above 90 marks in all subjects, but I fail to score good marks in English, I had scored 72 marks in English, which is quite a low score in English. I can’t  able to score in English because, I had not paid any special attention to English, which is the greatest mistake.

I think the majority of the students don’t give any special attention to the subject like English because it’s quite boring but yet interesting and useful subject.

If you want to score good percent, then study English subject daily minimum one hour, if you think, you will read before one or two days of the exam, then you are doing again big blunder with your exam.

Tips to score good marks in commerce class 12th CBSE board examinations.


Accountancy paper requires Practice, Practice, Practice. You can’t score in this case if you do not give at least 1 hour every day, religiously. You must cover all the back questions from T.S. Grewal or D.K Goyal thrice, by end of January. You must be absolved with the concepts till now, then this section needs practice questions from anywhere and everywhere you go. Prefer doing questions from different tuition/class teachers of your allies. You require knowing the book from back to cover, finish the syllabus at least 5 times. READ MORE


Economics is one of the scoring subjects; anyone can easily score more than 90 marks easily. Economics subject demands crystal clear concept and good presentation. To build a strong foundation of the subject, one needs to work hard on the subject for the day starting itself. I had seen so many students, who fail to score good marks. Economics is a subject; you can’t leave to study one day before the exams.

Economics subject has a very vast syllabus, and every topic is important. You can’t imagine, what will come in exam. READ MORE

Business studies.

Business studies, very scoring subjects, you can easily score full marks easily. CBSE has changed their pattern; almost 90 percent are an application based question. Without a proper deep understanding of the subject, it’s difficult to give a proper and correct answer.

Students, it’s strong advice, read the NCERT book thoroughly from the starting day. Generally question paper will be lengthy, difficult to answer and a little bit confusing. Question paper consists of 25 questions, almost all questions are application based. READ MORE


The first and foremost tip to score good marks in English is to read all the given instructions in the question paper carefully. Do give it a read and conform to it accordingly. Don’t be in a rush and don’t get tensed. So, before starting your paper, take out some sweet time in reading the instructions carefully. That would help you a lot. READ MORE

Scoring 90 above percent is not a joke, it requires lots of dedication, practice, efforts toward your goal.


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