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How to attempt accountancy paper class 12th CBSE.

How to attempt accountancy paper class 12th CBSE.

I have already posted how to prepare accountancy exam for the CBSE board exam. Now you should prepare yourself how to attempt the accountancy paper in an exam. If you well prepared than very good, but you should know how to attempt account paper in an exam. If you don’t have any idea how to attempt the paper in the exam then how well you prepared yourself for the exam it will ruin your hard work.




Part A

Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Partnership Firms and


Unit 1. Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations



Unit 2. Accounting for Partnership Firms



Unit 3. Accounting for Companies





Part B

Financial Statement Analysis
Unit 4. Analysis of Financial Statements



Unit 5. Cash Flow Statement





Part C

Project Work



Project work will include:
Project File 4 Marks
Written Test 12 Marks (One Hour)
Viva Voce 4 Marks


Part B

Computerized Accounting
Unit 4. Computerized Accounting



Part C

Practical Work



Practical work will include:
Practical File 4 Marks
Practical Examination 12 Marks (One Hour)
Viva Voce 4 Marks

Keep in mind that accounts paper definitely going to be lengthy. You should experience the skill how to manage the 3 hours time in examinations. If you don’t have that skill, then take it by practicing a maximum number of past year questions paper.

Students always complain 3 hours is not sufficient to complete the paper.

Read thoroughly question paper 15 minutes. Start attempt questions from the back of the question paper. A total number of question 23.

Part B covers 20 marks try to complete this section by 30 minutes. Not more than 30 minutes. If you take 1 hour to complete it then you ultimately  not going to attempt another part of the questions.

Immediately come to section A. You have left 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Partnership accounts will be lengthy to complete. If any question carries 8 marks, then you have to finish it before 17 minutes. There will be two questions which carry 8 marks so multiply by 2.

8+8=162=32 minutes. So complete 2 question within 33 minutes. Now you have time left 87 minutes. A question which carries 6 marks complete it before 12 minutes. There will be 3 questions which carry 6 marks, total 18marks. 18marks2=36minutes. And total time  left 51 minutes. A question which carries 4marks completes it before 8 minutes.There will be 3 questions which carry 4 marks. 12marks*2=24minutes. And total time  left is 27 minutes.

A question which carries 3 marks complete it before 6 minutes, so there will be 3 questions which carry 3 marks. 9marks*2=18 minutes. And the remainder  of the question which  1 marks.There will be 4 questions which carry 4marks. Total time left with you is 7 minutes. These valuable 7 minutes use as revise your answers.

Attempt question in order, don’t leave any question and write something that you know. “It is better to write something than nothing.

Presentation matters, a good presentation can fetch you good marks. Give heading, the name book of accounts, balance sheet, revaluation account, cash flow statement, for example, in the books of XYZ dated xx xxxx.

Do calculation properly; don’t do calculations on the same page. Have a good sleep, concentrate on paper.

Practice well; practice like, you will be given an examination. From practice only you can attain perfection. “If you are planning to fail is failing to plan”.

Best of luck for your board exam.

Any questions please leave comments below.

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