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How to build self confidence and self esteem.

           confidence    How to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

How to build self-confidence and self-esteem?No one can deny the fact and importance of self-confidence to succeed in life. Self-confidence is a very important quality for a success. You will find self-confidence in every single soul who has achieved their success destination, whether it is a movie star, a cricketer, someone from your neighborhood, or a teacher.


Trust is an attribute that is in everyone, some possess more and some less. What is needed to increase their present stage of assurance of carrying a new stage and improved level? Today I will share something that may help to increase your self-confidence.


  • Improve your hairstyle or dressing sense-

How you dress up has an impingement on your confidence. I would like to tell you here, I am talking about ordinary people like you and me. A great personality like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi has nothing to do with it, if you fall in this category, then you too (.


I myself feel this thing, when I am in best attire, then automatically increases my confidence. So whenever there is a presentation or job interview I am very well prepared. In fact, when you look right you will get the confidence to confront people on vice versa when you poorly dress up then you are very conscious.


  • Became expert in your own field-

You can’t expert in all areas. But you can expert in your own field. Once you have achieved mastery in one thing you will be confident. All you need to choose something according to your interest. Give 99% to your work. This makes you ultimately confidence. If any person has mastery in one subject area, he doesn’t have any concern that he doesn’t have knowledge in some other area. For example, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, will he ever bothered by the fact that he did not study higher. Never!!

You can choose any field, according to your interest. It may be music, dance, and sports or may be any subject you want to be a specialization, or any expertise that made you stand out of the crowd. This is not so hard. You already best as compare to others. Only thing is required to do little efforts and hard work. This will hold a couple of times to become the expert. When you do this, people will honor you and those made ultimately increase your trust.


  • Recall your achievements-

Your past achievements make you feel positive. Accomplishments can be little or large. For example, if you ever come first in class, or achieved victory in sports, you achieved a big target in your office and received employee of the month. Recall anything which causes you feel positive. Maintain a journal where you can write about accomplishments in that journal. Visualize your achievements this will work you definitely boost your achievements.


  • Do what, what confident people do-


Look around you, you will find some people who are confident. You must carefully observe their activities, try to include these natural actions in your liveliness. For example.


  1. Sit in front.
  2. In seminars, classes, and other at the scene, try to ask questions or give answers.
  3. Carefully observe your posture.
  4. Don’t speak in a muffled voice.


  • Do you visualize your goals and dreams-

Your dominant thoughts become reality finds a way, that’s why every day you think yourself as a confident person. Anything you can imagine. For example, suppose that you are giving a big presentation and everyone giving great hand clapping to your demonstration, standing on a stage in front of thousand of people and giving speech etc.

Albert Einstein also said imagination is more powerful than knowledge. And you can practice this power for doing the great work.


  • Don’t panic for making mistakes-

Do you know such a person who had never made a mistake in his life? You may not know because of the nature of human beings to make mistakes and I would say doing mistake is a birthright. Do exercise this right.

Doing mistake is not wrong, it is wrong to repeat the same mistake. When you make mistakes you will experience that mistake, with the least efforts you can learn something from that mistake.

The friends we possess all those qualities which require accomplishing a certain task, but due fear of failure we unable to do that task confidently. Don’t let fear of failure paralyze you. They should be fearful of who don’t dare to try!! Get a look at all the successful people; you pick up a history of success. You will acknowledge one thing success hidden in failure.

Michel Jordan, the world’s best basketball player considered all the time. He states “I am failing repeatedly in my life that’s why I became successful”.

  • Daily do your most important work first.

If you accomplish your most important task first, then it will help to boost your self-confidence. Try it once. This technique is very useful and effective.


Friends remember one thing your confidence level doesn’t depend on your educational qualification, financial condition and how you appear. And without your permission, no one can make you feel inferior. Your self-confidence is very essential for your success. And today your confidence level, whatever level, from your efforts you can achieve new heights.

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