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TOP 9 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows 10.

TOP 9 Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows 10.

What software will you use for editing your photos? Many of you have familiar and used Photoshop; perhaps you have also used different types of photo editing software or online image editor.

But do you know what is the best free photo editor software?

If you don’t know read this post, I will tell you what is the best free photo editing software available on the internet, which is almost alternative to Photoshop.

To edit the images shot from a camera or edit the image before posting on the blog, you need a camera and good software or tools to edit photos.

Try this best free picture editing software.


(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free and open-source raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, changing between different picture formats, and more specialized tasks.

All Photoshop features are available in GIMP, if you are looking for a software that is with all the features, then try the GIMP.

For beginners, tutorials are available, so you can read and learn about it.

This is not the same Microsoft paint program, this is advance level.

If you are not much familiar with GIMP and you want to do just only basic photo editing then try paint.Net.

You can add extra effects, layers, other powerful tools like a magic wand for selecting areas of similar color, and the clone stamp for copying or deleting portions of an icon. Simple text editor tool for zooming, and a recolor tool.

The best thing the gets regular updates and every day you will notice new features in it.

Simple but powerful photo editing tool.

Screen capture, GIF creator, editor, batch editor, color picker, splitter and so many features are present in it.

If you don’t do much editing, you merely create small changes in photos then try this.

Now Google NIK collection is available complimentary for all PC users.

Google NIK collection is the set of seven powerful tools, in this, you can edit different ways, like color correction, to retouching and creative effects, image sharpening and much more.

In seven plugins you will find, analog, Efex pro, color Efex Pro, Viveza pro, HDR, and Define- available, you can install plugins on your PC.

Most powerful and features packed online photo editor tool.

Most powerful and features packed online photo editor tool.

Pixlr is available online, desktop, and mobile platform. It is available free for mobile and in online.

If you want an online photo editor with full functions, then the pixel is first and best choice.


Fotor is an online photo editor tool.

If you want to add a special effect in the photo, photo retouching, add color, add text, stickers, add frames and some other change in the photo then try this amazing tool.

After taking photo shoots from the camera you can add more beautiful effects with the help of fotor.

Besides editing photos, you can also create a family photo album and you can use templates to create different size images.

In fotor there are 3 options are available.

A.   Photo editing- for editing photo

B.   Photo album creation- for creating a photo album.

C.   Design- for designing photos.


Canva is also same as fotor , an online photo editor, and design tool.

You can upload your pics and add text, icons, chart, stickers, angles, frame.

Not limited to edit photos, you can also post your edited images to Google, YouTube and blog.

Canvas provides so many default templates, and then you can add templates to your picture.

There are different layout in templates to create family and birthday albums.

. Fotojet.


This is also a same as fotor and canva an online photo editor.

In images, you can add different special effects, every feature is available to change text, frames, stickers, background, color everything in it.

To create a family photo to college memory album, try fotojet.

You can likewise make a profile cover for social networking sites, even you can also produce icons for your blog spot.

Sumopaint is an online version photo editor, available free.

Every function and features of Photoshop available in sumopaint that too online.

Without using photoshop you want to edit images try this above free and online image, editing tools, many of the features you will possibly like.

So these are the best tools for photo edit, above all the tools are not less than premium photo editing software.

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