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The source of inspiration.

                      source of inspiration

                                The source of inspiration.


Friends, if there is life, and so there is a struggle, tension, the pressure of work, joy, felicity, and fear but the good thing is that these are non-lasting. Time is in the form of the river, which flows continuously. Whether any situation, it may be happiness or anguish, time doesn’t stand for any moment permanently.


It takes place generally during the journey of life; we supported at times, stress, anxiety, concern, frustration, disease and so on. We get involved ourselves in our own trap.  We found ourselves hopeless and subjugated from our current present scenario.  We also don’t see a single ray of light of hope. We see a small problem like a big mountain and feel frustrated. We lose our hope and confidence to fight back with our circumstances. At the end, we dedicate ourselves to our circumstances.


If you base yourself in any bad circumstances don’t sit, stand up and fight back to your circumstances. Every problem has a solution; it may be solved today or tomorrow.


Once upon a time, a sage once was pleased with the service of a king and he gave him a talisman and he said let’s put this in your neck Mr. King and if any problems and difficulties come into your spirit and you feel, everything is over, there is no life, end of everything, if you are seeing no resolution to your problems at that time open this talisman and read the enclosed paper. And not before this.


The king wore the talisman on his neck. Once the king with his troops in a dense forest to hunt.  While chasing a lion, king separated from his troops on the border and king entered the enemy border. In a Dense forest and in the evening hours, enemy soldiers has been seen the king to entering the border. Enemy soldiers began to chase the king to defeat. King understood that he has been entered the enemy border by mistake and enemy soldiers will kill him. The soldiers pursued the king so far, but kind unable to flee from the soldiers. Suffering from hunger and thirst in the midst of thick trees, when the king saw a small cave, he immediately hid there with his horse under the guise of the cave. And sat with bated breath, the sound of the feet of the enemy’s horse slowly began to arrive. Surrounded by enemies, the king alone could discover its conclusion, he felt in few seconds the enemy soldiers will defeat him and cling to death. He was frustrated and disappointed by his life and suddenly his hands on his talisman and remembered the point of sage.

He now drew out the paper and read by opening talisman. Wrote on the slip-“this moment will also pass away.”


Suddenly, the king felt a glimmer of light in the darkness.  Such as drowning had recourse.  He suddenly felt an inexplicable peace in his soul. He was happy. He believes God is great; the king said- there is no need to take irrelevant tension because in this universe nothing is permanent.  ‘This moment will also pass away”


Slowly the sound of the enemy horses began to come off, after a while there was quiet.  Anyway, the king left the cave of the night and came back to his state.


This tale is not only for the king, this story applies to our lives too. When we are frightened and panicked, we also lose our peace of our soul.

Our fear dominates us; fears close the doors of the solution. At the end, we lose hope and our life dominates us.

Remember, nothing is permanent in this universe, so why to take tension and stress. If you want to get rid of, stay silence for 2 minutes and say “this moment will also pass away.”


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