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Best Career Options after B.Com India What to do After B.Com? 2020

After what? What are the career options for, what salary will you get, what is the scope after I am sure these questions are packed in your mind. Many of my readers are might in the 12th or in final year, they have these questions, what should next? So I am assuming, you will go with a commerce career in the future.

Many think, science streams have many career options, but that’s not always true, commerce stream has also a vast domain.

Best Career Options after B.Com India What to do After B.Com? 2020

There are numerous options for commerce students to pursue after

While writing your last paper of final exam, tons of thoughts are running through your head. In today’s generation, getting a graduate degree no more valuable than before. You have to plan for your future and get an advanced level of knowledge. Your parents, acquaintances, neighbors may ask you, what will you do next after There are numerous options that are available.

Let’s explore each and every option available.

Before that, I want to tell, what I am doing, what course I am pursuing right now.

I am a co-founder of this blog, currently, I am pursuing I have cleared the CA foundation when I was in 1st year, so after, my future career prospect will be pursuing CA.  You may have doubts, why I am not pursuing CA along, because, my college has strict attendance criteria. In the meantime, I decided to explore and develop new skills, interests, and hobbies.  And we all know, CA IPCC requires utmost focus and a single mind dedicated to clear the exam in a single attempt.

So, that was my story.

In this blog post, I will share what are the career options available after

Most common career preference for students. MBA in finance. MBA is a serious option until and unless you not doing from best MBA college in India. If you get succeed to enter into the best college, you can lift your career to the next level. MBA Will help you land in a secure job unless you are ready to play hard, not only to engender into the college but also your job afterward, which would be rather hectic as compared to the normal 9–5 job.  It is a two-year course of study on completion of which you can easily find jobs in the financial service sector.

  • M.COM.

M.COM is the extension, it’s also a 2-year program. degree can land you to get the accountant job. You can become a teacher at a college or in school. M. Com is a program that focuses on the systematic study of Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Taxation, Marketing and Management and therefore it gives insights into all the fields. It would add value in terms of your knowledge over and also increase your opportunities of landing into a safer line of work. However, it won’t guarantee you better job prospects after a certain point. It’s like adding another degree to your resume.

  • Professional courses (CA, CS, CMA, CFA, CPA).


These courses, which will not only enhance your knowledge in particular domains but also increase your prospects of doing extremely well in your career. These courses are very affordable and low price with high respect and salary. You can pursue any course according to your interest and passion. If you are interested in taxation, auditing pursues CA, if you are interested in core finance then entering into the CFA. It depends upon your interest and craving.

  • Entrepreneurship.

You can Become Entrepreneurship after your graduation. Only you need to have basic education and desire to work hard. Anyone can become an entrepreneur, but it’s quite hard and challenging, but it gives utmost satisfaction because you are working for yourself. Learn a skill and start your job, if you have any plan, start implementing it.

  • LLB.


If you desire to get a career in law, then you must pursue LLB. LLB has also had good career options, after LLB you can pursue LLM. LLB is a three-year course of study. If you plan to do LLB, then do from best and reputed college.

  • Government job exams (IAS, SSC, IBPS, Banking PO).

Everyone prefers government jobs, even after doing any course. Government jobs are secure and value added in a career. But the problem with government jobs is less growing option in career and quite difficult to crack exams due to reservation quota. But at last it worth. Write these exams, which will help you land in the government job by writing these entrance exams and clearing the interviews.

There are many options other than this, but above career options are evergreen and compelling. Whatever you do, give your best. A lifetime is not simple, if it was simple then all people could manage easily. In every field there is scope, it is our mind, which is predetermined this is good or not.

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Thanks for reading.

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