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Best Career options and Guidance after class 10th.

Best Career options and Guidance after class 10th.

Best Career options and Guidance after class 10th.

Are you a student and you recently cleared your 10th standard? If yes, then this article is for you. First of all, congratulations to complete one of the milestones of your life. 

Many people choose a stream after class 10th based on their 10th class marks. If you score more than 90% then maths or Science or if you score less than 80% then commerce or arts. Yes, exceptional is always there; many people choose their subjects based on their interests.

Even though many schools also deny to provide their interest stream because of their low academics in class 10th. If you have scored less than 80% in 10th, then many people may criticize you. Although 10th marks are not much useful these days, nevertheless it has its own value.

Choose any subjects as you want. But remember, one wrong step can take your career in the deep gorge.

Don’t take any subject prejudice based on your marks.  Choose the subjects which you have more interest and passion for pursuing your further studies.

I want to share a story with my two friends. Both have studied with me till class 10th. One of my friend’s name is Hemant and Sagar. Hemant was very poor in maths but strong in social and arts, whereas Sagar had excellent mathematics skills but weak in physics and chemistry. Although Hemant succeeds to score 76% (B1) marks in class 10th and Sagar scored 86.8% (A2).

But due to family, society and peer pressure, they took the subjects what they are not interested. Many times, this will happen. Suppose if you scored above 90% and you want to pursue in the Arts field many people will mock you. Will say you are an idiot to choose Arts over Science stream. They will say Science has a lot more opportunities than the Arts or commerce stream.

Don’t heed to them; do what you wish. Did you watch 3-idiots movie, where Rancho did what he likes, but Farhan follows his parent’s passion whereas Raju follows interests of peer pressure.

Do watch again the 3-idiot movie.

Ultimately Rancho succeeds because he follows what he wants to be.

Every field has its own opportunity and drawbacks’. If you took Maths in class 11th, and anyhow you cleared above-average marks in class 12th but failed to get right college and university, you will not be going anywhere. Every year, millions of engineers are graduating, but only a few people can get the desired Job.

And if you plan to take commerce to pursue CA, CS like course. Don’t be in a dilemma; you will clear quickly. These courses demand hard work and patience.

Do you want to be a doctor? Bio would last resort for you. Getting a college seat for MBBS is not a cakewalk. Here as well you need interest and desire to hard study.

Or you are planning to Become IAS, IPS etc. You need to clear UPSC exam.  It is one of the toughest exams in India. Every year millions of aspirants try their luck to become Civil servants, but only a rare few got selected. Selection ratio is 0.1%.  

 One thing is common. If you want to reach your goal and succeed, you must bear in mind that without hard work, interest and the right strategy, you will never succeed.

This question we ask ourself after completing class 10th.What career option will I prefer? These questions we also hear often from our relatives.

Here is the list of career options after class 10th.

  • POLYTECHNIC                                                                                     
  • ARTS                                     
  • ITI                                                         
  • PARAMEDICAL                                                     
  • COMMERCE                                          
  • DIPLOMAS                                    
  • Mathematics (MPC)
  • BIO     

  Choose any career which fits your interest and passions. Don’t go by that my friend is doing, I will also do the same course, or my girlfriend or boyfriend is doing the same direction I will also follow same path. Don’t fall in such trap. It will take you nowhere.

It will likewise depend on your interest, warmth, commitment on particular career option. After when you choose a career, you shouldn’t only think about the career which is demanding but also look into more opportunities right now and you should even think about prospects too. For selecting a career, you must have interest, skills, vision, education, the values of that career option.

If you have any questions or guidance for your career, please drop a comment through the comments sections. Our team will answer your confusion and helps you to select the best career options’.

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