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Motivational stories, inspirational stories.

Motivational stories, inspirational stories
Motivational stories, inspirational stories




Motivational stories, inspirational stories. 2 motivational stories, inspirational tales that will make you mindful and wisdom, after learning these two motivational stories inspirational.


The Value of man.


A hardware store, a child working with his father and asked suddenly to his father, “Dad, what is the value of a man in this world.


Dad was surprised after hearing such a question from a child. And so he said,”son it is very difficult to estimate the value of a person, it is thus precious.


Child – are all equally valuable and significant.

Father- yes, my child.


The child didn’t understand anything, he asked again a question – why some people are rich and poor, why there is so the disparity in this world. Why some people receive more deference and some get less regard.


After listening to the question’s father remains silent for some time, and asked the child to bring the iron rod from the store room.


The father asked the child what is the cost of this iron rod??

The child replied- almost 4-5$.

Father- if I have made it into many small sixth nail pieces, what will be its worth??

The child replied after thinking a while – then they will sell more expensive around 8- 10$

Father – if I made a lot of clock springs from this iron shall then??


The child counts for a while and then suddenly excited and said, “Then the price will be high.”

Then the father said by explaining – “it is not just that the human cost of what it is now, but what’s in it that he could make himself.”

The child understood their father.


The friends we often make the mistake in valuing its proper value. We examine our present status and consider as valueless. There is always fathomable power. Our life is filled with uncertainties. Many times in our life condition are not good, but it doesn’t reduce our value. As human beings, we burn in his world means, we are very special and important. We should always keep motivated and better ourselves. We should keep moving in the right direction in getting the right value, which makes worth.


Motivational stories, inspirational stories.


Right Way.

Are you on the right way??


One day a healthier, muscular, tall man   landed on a station with a voluminous suitcase. He told to the taxi man that he wants to go to a church.


Taxi man said he will take 200 bucks. The powerful man by demonstrating his intelligence and said 200 bucks is expensive for a nearby spot. You taxi man are robbing the general people. I can pick up my luggage and go.

He continued taking his luggage quite so far enough. Later some time he had seen the same taxi man again. So the man asked the taxi man- brother, now I have more than half distance level, so now how much bucks will you take.

The taxi man answered – 400 bucks.

The man said, earlier you said 200 bucks and now you are asking 400 bucks for half a distance. Why??


The taxi man answered – sir, you have traveled so far in the opposite direction, the church is on the other side.

And the muscular man keeps silent and said nothing and sat in the taxicab.


Similarly, many of us don’t think seriously about one thing; they begin doing hard work without any planning and thought. After some time, they left the work in completely. In this way, they consume their time and arduous work. Before executing any work, think before twice, why you are executing this work, what is the use, is this your part of  the goal or not.


Always remember one thing, if you are moving in a right direction, then only you make your life with colorful. If the direction is wrong no matter how much hard work you do, it will ruin automatically. That’s why to get a right direction , then only you can achieve your goal to new heights.

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