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Karoly real life motivational and inspirational story.

 Karoly real life motivational and inspirational story.

                           (The man with the only hand)

It is the story of a Hungarian army in 1938 a Hungarian soldier was named Creole (Karoly Takacs). He was a great player, and he was a great pistol shooter and his dream of winning a gold medal in pistol shooting in the Olympics. His hard work, perseverance and his records, everyone seemed as he will win the gold medal in the 1940 Olympics.

The understanding is this, he was the best pistol shooter in the Hungary and he had gained ground all the matches and the national championship in that nation.

He had just a dream, to win a gold medal in the Olympics. He was slightly far to his dreams come true, after two years.

But his dreams shattered, he was a practicing in an army camp, where the accident happened.  Unfortunately, a hand grenade got exploded in his right hand. The burst was too grave that his right hand got burnt badly as a resolution of which now he’s incapable to serve anything with his proper hand   and hence he lost his good hand.

It means everything was over. The aspirations which he dreamt off was shattered. If we in place of him, we will definitely blame our fate and give up easily, but it is excused for people not for Karoly.

Only he never breaks up, he fights against this natural disaster. He held to acquire a gold medal in Olympics at any price. He had a clear and a crystal goal to win a gold medal in the Olympics. He had a sheer determination and will power. It was clear that his morale was strong like the iron rose.

He stood up and didn’t give up with this defeat. He decided it doesn’t matter, in this incident, my right hand had gone, so what I have left hand. He decided to make his left-hand world best shooting and extraordinary hand.

After one month discharging from the hospital, he again engaged in his goal. He had just started practice shooting from his remaining hand. At the beginning, it became bit difficult and painful while practicing with his remaining hand and face too many problems but he didn’t throw up.

Karoly had practiced very fiercely for a year and a year later he came back Hungary in 1939 where he had to participate in the national championship. But at that time, no one knew that he had practiced with his left hand.  And then wish the other competitor saw the Karoly, all competitors surprised and they felt that Karoly had to come to encourage us to motivate our team spirit, they all began to thank Karoly.  Everyone shocked when Karoly said I am not here to encourage you, I come here to fight with you in this competition.

Karoly was there to counter with those, who were aiming with their best right hand and Karoly with his remaining hand. Despite that Karoly won the Hungary national championship and every praised for his success. Only ever had shocked how to become it possible, all around discussion about Karoly and he turned a champion overnight.

But Karoly had not stopped there, one of his childhood dreams was the only to achieve his goal and become the world best pistol shot. Then he began training for the 1940 Olympics. Everybody seemed, he will definitely bring the gold medal in this Olympics and him he’s preparing very well for the Olympics. Only his fate didn’t approve him and his luck has shifted, the Olympics were canceled due to world war 1940.

He dreams now seems to fade away once more. And everyone seemed now everything is over but Karoly didn’t give up. He pronounced no matter if not this Olympics, I will run hard for next Olympics 1944. He continued to practice hard.

But his fate was testing him again. In 1944, the Olympics were again canceled due world war 1944. And everyone thinking that Karoly dreams will be dreaming it will never become reality.

Only know one knows that Karoly was not from of those who give up easily. He was born to win. He again takes participate in the 1948 Olympics. He started practicing hard.

Karoly was a 38-year-old at the time and his competitors were very young, zealous. All his competitors were shooting with their best hand and Karoly with is only with the left hand, yet he countered.  Yes, he made out, he made out the impossible thing to possible thing. His dreams have become a reality.

The whole world was shocked, how it can be possible, but when a person perspective is to never throw up, then impossible things became possible. And Karoly hasn’t stopped there he again participates in the 1952 Olympics and again, he won the gold medal.
Karoly real life moral story.

From the real life story of Karoly, we find out that, if there is life in dreams, if we trust in our dreams, unlike the conditions may be, how many difficulties may come we can suppress it. But never, ever give up.  Regardless how the problems come in the way, no matter how failure encountered, but we should not lose the right stick. We should keep motivated us positive and optimistic thinking. Continuous practice leads to success and helps to become a winner.

This fantastic narrative is shared by Mr. Santosh Kumar, who is pursuing final year. He is passionate in writing articles for new paper and cartridge holders.

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