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Benefits and advantage of blogging



                            Benefits and advantage of blogging

Why you should begin blogging today itself. Today I will share with you the advantage of blogging. Blogging as a career is a blessing for any person. Generally, countries like Indian society don’t accept easily, blogging as a career. In India, there is a tradition, men should not work from home, and he has to go office to work. But who cares such customs, as I am a part time blogger; I pursue my passion and interest.


Benefits and advantages of blogging are endless, so I will share only the most significant points here;


  • Independent – blogging as a career is independent and self-depend on. No hassle – bustle. When you become independent new ideas, innovation and creativity increases.
  • Self-boss– you will become your own boss. No one can dictate you. You will become self-dependent. When you will become the self boss, you will learn how to manage things in the right manner.
  • Entrepreneur – when you will do things for yourself. You will automatically become an entrepreneur. When you will become an entrepreneur, your energy and enthusiasm level double. Through blogging, you will acquire entrepreneurship, quality. This will facilitate you to make your own big business.
  • Creativity – creativity is a very vital piece of blogging. Through blogging, you can increase your creativity. Creativity in blogging means, how you are arranging and making your website to look beautiful and how you write with creativity.
  • Bond to the world– when you blog, you will automatically create a bond with the world. When you post published on your blog, people will comment on in, sometimes they will inquire you a question, if you don’t know the resolution you will research the answer and find it, inward this manner you will discover new things from blogging. If you know the answer to certain questions, you will be connected to the world.
  • Discipline and patience – discipline is a major factor in every field, without discipline, no one can succeed in their life. You can find any individual traits that he had succeeded in their respective field. In blogging, you have to maintain a discipline for consistent blog posting. Patience is another tool for success. Without patience, nothing can achieve in desired time. In blogging patience is required; if you don’t have patience then blogging is not for you. You don’t get results instantly, you have waited to get the good result almost months.  The outcome depends on upon you, how you are performing. Through blogging, you will discipline and patience.
  • Your typing speed increases– when you blog, you have to write a post for your blog. When you consistently type in your blog, it automatically your typing speed increases.
  • The best source of income– blogging is a good source of income. Frankly, I can say money is the greatest incentive to make out anything. Through blogging, you can earn the good income.
  • Your knowledge boosts– when you blog about certain topics, first you research on that topic and you proceed. When you search on the certain topic your knowledge increases. Through blogging your knowledge increases.
  • Concentrating on work– your concentration increase when you blog because no one out there to dictate you to serve. You will ultimately be your own boss. Ultimately, you will lead a happy life.


These are the most important benefits and advantage of blogging.

Every coin has 2 sides positive and negative. Here I shared only positive points. My next post will be negative, about blogging.  Keep stay updated to

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