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What is duplicate content? What are the advantages and disadvantage in SEO?

What is duplicate content? What are the advantages and disadvantage of SEO?

Duplicate content is content where you can find the same content on one or more different sites. Many new bloggers, including me, when I started my blogging hobby, those days, I also used to copy the content from others site, actually many new bloggers don’t know, what happens when they copied from another source.

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Every blogger shares their Content publicly. The main intention of the bloggers is to produce great and interesting content. But few bloggers copy their content and multiply on their blog, by doing this they end their blogging future.

So, in this post, I’ll share the advantage and disadvantage of it, and effect on SEO.

Every blogger must know what type of content Google treat as duplicate content. Because each and every blogger learns from somewhere from someone. But our writing skills and thoughts also may correspond.

Before writing any post, one should recognize what type of content count as duplicate content. Because due to duplicate content Google may put a penalty on your site.

According to the Google 20 to 25% content is duplicate content. Many bloggers don’t know, copying others content can harm their site and their ranking.

Google filters each and every content and then show in search results, suppose if you have 20% of the content is duplicate then Google may penalize your content.

Many new bloggers think how Google could know which one is duplicate one and which one is original content.  Google is a lot smarter than you think.

However search engine shows multiple copied contents, but original content always ranks at first place.

What type of content considered as duplicate content.

The foremost question arises, what type of content considers as copyright. So here I’ll mention you some tips, what type of content considered as duplicate content.

  • News reports, motivational quotations, thoughts, motivational speech, don’t count as copyright content.
  • Inspirational story, the success story of successful people, such content don’t belong don’t consider as copyright content.

But Google sometimes considered as duplicate content and don’t show such content in search results. That’s why I recommend, avoid such duplicate content as possible as.

What are the effects of duplicate content on SEO?

Duplicate content effect adversely on SEO. It can reduce your ranking on SEO and your site may get the penalty from search engines.  The greatest disadvantage of duplicate content is your best quality content also gets lose its search engine ranking.

Due to duplicate content, your site likely to reduce your search ranking, and you also get none- existent traffic from search engines. Google only shows original source of content at the top place in search results.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of duplicate content?

In that respect is no benefit from the duplicate content, only its give you pain in the long term. You don’t even get any success in your blogging career. It doesn’t add any value only its waste of time by copying others content.

  • You don’t get success by copy and paste of other content. Success only comes when you work honestly with fair manner.
  • Copying other content is merely a waste of time and money.
  • You will lose search engine ranking and user on your website.
  • Google ad-sense will ban on your website, Google ad-sense will block your site, and in the end, you will lose earning from your website.

In conclusion, I can only say don’t copy and paste, write quality content with your own. Take quality time to write quality content.  I know how hard to create a quality and fresh with unique content. If you require making the good income from your blog, then you have maintained quality content, you can just make the good income when you get organic traffic from search results.

Thanks for reading the post.

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