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How to score good marks above 90 in chemistry CBSE class 12th Board exam.

 How to score good marks above 90 in chemistry CBSE class 12th Board exam.

Chemistry is one of the subjects in which a student can score more than 90 marks just doing a little bit of effort. If you are thinking how to get above 90 marks in Chemistry, you are at the right place. Class 12 CBSE Chemistry is a scoring subject if you prepare properly. Chemistry is a scoring subject and students can obtain higher marks in this subject by putting in a little hard work. Chemistry is a very important subject for both Board exams and various Competitive exams. Chemistry is considered to be the second difficult subject after Physics as it involves lots of learning and understanding. Some students fail to score well in Chemistry and the major reason behind this is the fear from chemistry. Besides, the syllabus for chemistry is vast.  Chemistry has been a challenging subject for many students, but rigorous preparation can give you better results. If you have mastery over this subject, then you can truly do well in different competitive exams as well.

Nowadays they have asked questions only from the textbook. Your board paper plays a key role in your score (Contains 70 marks weightage) in which 65+ can be made easier if you apply it with patience, confidence and not make silly errors.

  • Find easy topics and weak topics. Cover all those easy topics and then attack hard topics, so you can cover the basics and easy topics. So you can get a grip on hard topics.
  • Prepare these topics well-
    • P- block (Named Reactions and method of preparation), D-block.
    • Named reactions in organic (better prepare notes on it).
    • Electrochemistry and kinetics (a numerical is sure from both).
    • Coordination comp.
    • Learn each formula  in  inorganic chemistry
  • You must have to complete all the syllabus of NCERT book. {All questions are coming from NCERT questions and examples and intext}
  • Practice and solve all the NCERTquestions and exercise
  • Do not ignore numerical problems. Most of the times, the problems are the direct application of the formulae in use, and, at times are mixed with your understanding of a topic. The numerical problems, if mastered are a sound means to score targets.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers of CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

Students need to go through previous year question papers (5 to 10 years) of CBSE Class 12thChemistry.When you will go through previous year papers, you will find that some concepts in CBSE class 12th Chemistry are frequently asked in board exams, every year. For example, questions based on reaction mechanism (SN1, SN2), Raoult’s law etc. Students should pay special attention to these important concepts while preparations.

  • Prepare from NCERT books and then go through other reference books. Practice questions as much as you can.
  • Go through latest CBSE sample papers.

Every year, CBSE releases a sample paper for class 12 before the board examinations. With the help of these sample papers, students get the complete idea about the latest CBSE examination pattern & the level of questions which can be asked in CBSE board exams.

Keep revising stuff. Especially organic chemistry as you tend to forget things if you don’t read them for long. And during your final exam, focus on the presentation of your answers as it really matters to the person who is checking your answer sheet. Write neatly and full explanations, even if the weight of any questions is less than expected.

Presence of mind is must in an exam. You must write that much only what has been asked in the question writing anything else will not give you marks instead you will lose your time.

All concept must be registered and clear; name reactions must be remembered, Important name reactions are aldol condensation, Cannizzaro reaction,Gabriel phthalimide reaction, Stephens reduction.

Work out questions from Arihant and Pradeep, past year questions and sample papers.

Bset of luck.

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