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Job opportunities available after| Jobs after BCom.

After BCom, a lot of people wish to earn money by doing a good job, but a lot of people, cannot get a good job. Job opportunities available after| Jobs after BCom.

Commerce is the best field where you get countless job opportunities, but it has been seen that even after  BCom, people are at the peak of unemployment.

The reason for unemployment can be only one, you have not enough knowledge or lack of skills, this is the reason, the unemployment environment is increasing.

There are numerous reasons for being unemployed. If you have the right skillset and knowledge, no one can stop you get to land a dream job.

In this blog post, I will share with you the best jobs available after completing the

If you want a job then you must read this post to the end, it enables and opens your mind to search for new jobs and opportunities.

Hence you have completed your and looking for a job. If you have completed from a good college the path to get a good job becomes easy. Don’t worry if you are done from tier 3 college.

Job opportunities available after| Jobs after BCom.

Get a Government Job

If you are looking for a government Jobs then you must try for SSC, SBI, IBPS, RRB, SEBI, UPSC. Take coaching from a good institution and ace the exam.  Get the desired Governments in minimum Time.  

Once you get a government job, your life becomes stable and comfortable. Take time and prepare for a targeted government job. I am sure if you devote 7 hours a day, no one can stop you to get a government job.

Work in a CA’s firm.

If you are good at accountant, taxation, and auditing. You must try in a CA’s firm. You will get around 15-12k initially. Later after your performance and you will get a promotion and other facilities.

Work as a clerk.

You can get a job by working as a clerk. Many schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, and office’s require clerks for their day to day clerical work. You can apply for such posts. You will get paid around 15-17k depends upon the intensity of work. A website like or job Dekho, such websites posts daily job updates. You can apply through these websites. Either you can approach nearby schools, colleges, offices for the job.

Teach the class 11th and 12th students.

Another good opportunity is to teach commerce students. If you have a sound knowledge and good grip of respected subjects.  You can go through these options. Probably in a few years, you can get paid a good amount.  But initially, you have to work hard to secure your position.  

 Learn digital marketing skills.

You can learn digital marketing skills and discover new opportunities to make sound earning.

Join the MBA program.

If you want to settle in a managerial post and want to add a new skill to your career. You must join MBA.  I have already posted about the MBA, and how to choose the best college and stream in the MBA.

About to wrap.

If you want to make settle as early as possible,  then I recommend you do an MBA or get a Government Job. If you get to settle for a low earning salary, the growth of your career will postpone. I would recommend learning new skills like digital marketing, tally, MS Excel, etc. After COVID-19 the market went into recession and growth went into a slump. This lead to the company would not like to hire new employees and human resources.

If you are aware, after COVID-19 19 pandemic, most of the company laid off their employees.  

About the government jobs, you may already know. To get a government job now the competition stiffed the cutthroat.  For every 1 seat, 1000 people are competing. Only the best will get a government job too.

This what I am saying. Do whatever gives your best to face any challenge in your life.

If you have sound skills and knowledge, you will survive in every situation.

If you want to chat with us or you want to share your problem.  We will guide you free of cost. Use the chatbox. We are online now. We will reply in around 1-2 minutes.

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