How to crack-hack Netflix premium account 100% working method.

By | January 1, 2020

How to crack-hack Netflix premium account 100% working method.

You want Netflix account, desperately right? Cracking Netflix account is not a cakewalk, my friend. They have installed a robust firewall to block any attempt to break an account.

You are searching for so many days on the internet, how to crack Netflix account, how to hack Netflix account, or how to get a Netflix trial using BIN so on.

But you had never got any account till date.  Perhaps you will not get either.

I have come up with all the tricks, if one method is not working, try another.

I strongly recommend share Netflix account among your 4-5 friends. Buy from the official Netflix website. If the cost is 15 $, divide among your five friends, it cost you only 3 $.

Why I am saying this because you can use a valid account, share only with among real friends.

Many noobs are on telegram channel, and they are trading at a cheap rate by claiming the original account.

Never purchase from them. Those will never provide you original account.

I want to share a small story of mine as I’m also like you. Anyone can easily duped if anyone claims to provide at a very cheap rate. One day I thought of buying Netflix at 2$. He offered me a working one. But he instantly blocked me on telegram channel.   Netflix account worked initially; after a few 5-6 hours, I lost the account. I found that later, the owner of account regained the account. This is the first time I got duped. Then now I started telegram channel to spread awareness.  

Remember one thing in life; nothing gets free in this world. You have to pay in another way.

No one gives you free, or no one gives you less than the original price of the product or service if anyone is providing its already falseness.

So lets the cut the topic and comes to the main problem.

How to crack-hack Netflix premium account 100% working method.

There are only three ways you can crack a Netflix account.

  • Through Virtual cards
  • Through third party cracking software
  • Through BINS ( 1% working chance).

Through virtual cards.

It is one of the best safest methods to create a Netflix account. Many Banking companies are offering free virtual cards. But all virtual cards are not accepted at Netflix site.  

Try DBS account, search on google play store. Create your DBS account using PAN card, Aadhaar card. After creating an account, open a saving account. Add 2 Rs to the account.

You will receive a virtual card with a card number and CVV. Use that card, I can assure, this method will work.

I have created 2-3 accounts using this method.

Or you can buy a virtual card at 2$. Many websites are providing, I can’t assure, but works many times. Give it a try.

Through third party cracking software.

Many software’s are available for cracking-hacking Netflix account. And it works too. I used it many times. But its time-demanding procedure. I already said nothings come free. Here also, you have to pay for paid proxy and many these software’s comes with the risky virus. Your personal computer can be a hack.

If you are thinking, I have antivirus I have no trouble. Yes, you will not face any problem. But these software’s don’t work if you enable antivirus and firewall of your computer.

Still yet, you want to proceed, you can.

  • Download “slayer-leecher” from a nulled website, it is a combo list generator. Combo list means the combination of emails and passwords. After downloading, run this software. For more information, see YouTube video tutorials. Look on YouTube “how to generate a combo list of Netflix account”. You will find many videos. Look out anyone and move accordingly.
Netflix checker
  • And then download “Netflix checker” from nulled or any other website. After downloading, upload the previously generated combo list. Netflix checker is software which checks, whether the above combo list matches with a given email and password.

This software works only when you buy a paid proxy. The proxy is nothing but an IP address.

What happens when you try to login someone bank account with wrong email and passwords. Your IP will block after few attempts right isn’t. Same with Netflix checker, if you keep on checking an IP address, you might never prevent.  Same way proxy works with Netflix checker software.

Alternatively, you can use a VPN to avoid issues.

If everything’s working accordingly, you will get a working account.

But this process can take long hours. One of my friend PC motherboards gutted.

Do at your own risk.

Through BINS (1% probability chance)

Many Bins are available on the internet. In telegram many channels are provide by claiming working BINS, few of them works, but mostly none of the works.

If everything goes fine, you will face problem at one-time password verification (OTP). You need that country’s particular telephone number to verify. But maximum of us fails to authenticate.  Many direct Bins are also available, but difficult to get one. So, there is only a 1% probability chance to create an account.


Above two methods using third party software and BINS is nothing but a mere waste of time and resources. If you are a noob, go-ahead.

I strongly recommend share Netflix account among your friends. It saves your cost and time.

One more thing, I forget to tell you, many SMM panels are growing like mushrooms. These panels are also selling at cheap rate premium accounts. Many of them are genuine. I purchased once; those accounts expire before time. I just used for 12 days and account seized automatically.

So never invest your money on SMM panel and premium reseller account websites.

If you have ever faced such issues, please share your valuable experience through comments.

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Thanks for reading the post to the end.

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