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Why is Google Adsense showing a negative balance amount?

Why is Google Adsense showing a negative balance amount?

Google Adsense is one of the premium products from Google. It is not the only premium for google but also for bloggers and YouTubers. Such as you and me.

I knew getting an Adsense account is how difficult these days.

But when we got the account, we people don’t use it properly. Shortcut, yes shortcut tricks being applied to earn quickly. This is where you lodged. It acts as a honey-trap.

I have seen many bloggers and YouTubers watch their own content twice. Click on their own ads by using a VPN or many ways to try to dupe Google Adsense.

I have already written a post about why my Adsense Ads were not showing on the blog and page views updating. Read this post. This topic is entirely related.

Ok, now come to the topic why your Adsense dashboard is showing a current or monthly negative balance.

This is because your website/blog was suspended recently due to invalid traffic

When your blog or YouTube channel is suspended due to invalid clicks or traffic, this scenario happens.

One of my friends also faced this issue; he is a YouTuber. What he did is, he used to watch his own videos by using a VPN of different locations.

Initially, he was happy; his income also increased. He was motivated.  He continued practicing the same technique; within two weeks his Adsense account suspended.

He yelled a lot, literally. And this was bound to happen.

He received an email after 2-3 days; his Adsense account being suspended due to invalid click and invalid traffic.

His Adsense account suspended for 30days.

Later he got his Adsense account back after 30 days.  When his AdSense was not disabled, the account balance was showing 125 $.

When his account was enabled again after 30 days period, his account balance was showing 106 $ which means google Adsense deducted a certain amount of invalid traffic. And paid immediately by Google Adsense after 30 days when his AdSense account enabled again.

After payment received 106 $, his balance was showing minus (-) 20 $ in the dashboard. He was also confused. He has never seen a negative balance in his account ever.

As soon as days passed, he earned 25$ in that month. Next month when the amount carried forward, only 5$ was showing in his account balance.

That means Google has deducted an extra20$ from the publisher for invalid traffic.

That implies a total of 39$ google deducted from his Adsense account and paid back to advertisers to keep the ecosystem of google, cleaner, and better.


If you seeing negative that means you hold to pay that amount whatever. So, my friend’s account deducted by 20$ and his remaining balance was his earning that is (5$).  

If you seeing a negative balance, whatever amount on your Adsense dashboard, be ready to pay back, consider it as punishment for invalid traffic and clicks.

 I hope you now understood about negative balance in your Adsense dashboard. If you liked the post or you found it helpful. Please share the post with your friends.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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