HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE- step by step free guide.

By | August 11, 2017

                                         HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE




This tutorial is for the beginner’s guide. How to create a website easily? Just follow the steps below to create a website in minutes.

Gone those days where people applied to sit in front computer and typing codes for long hours. Now, thanks to CMS (content management system).

CMS is a computer application, which lets you create content without any coding knowledge. Anyhow, if you know the coding, then you can modify your website as your desire.


Creating a website nowadays a walk on a cake. Anyone can easily create a website. You can make a website for your business, blog etc.

Before creating a website you must plan what type of business would be. What type of budget you have with you. What kind of domain you want to purchase, hosting rates etc.


Here’re the steps to create a website.


  • Get a domain name-

The first step is to buy a domain name. But you need to know what is the domain. Learning new stuff is fun. A domain is a name of your website which represents the address of your website. Without addressing no one can visit. It is barely like your home address. Example-, here is your domain name. There are dissimilar cases of domain extension. For instance, .com,.net,.in.Org, etc.  These lands are the high character in nature. You can purchase your domain from GoDaddy, big rock etc.


While purchasing a domain choose a dependable name, and then that it can be easy to spell and read. Your domain should be the short name. I have discovered my newcomers they buy choose a difficult name to spell and it takes long words. For example-, avoid such domains.  So it’s good to wise to buy a domain. Fill out your information and address and get registered your domain.

Registration of domain has been just like giving a name to your business.


  • Sign up for a web hosting account-

READ– What is web host and different types of hosting. 

The most important step is to sign up for a hosting account.  Hosting is basically a company that has many computers linked to the net.  Hosting rates vary from 3$ to $8 per month. You have to pay the charges for annually.

There are mainly two types of hosting.