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Home » What is web host and different types of web hosting- explained?

What is web host and different types of web hosting- explained?

What is web host and different types of web hosting- explained.

Hey friends, today we will learn what is web hosting and different types of hosting. As we store information, files, audio, and video on our computer hard disk, in the same way, to store information on our blog/internet site, we need web hosting. When we make a new website, we make it online.  When you buy hosting from any web-hosting company, they will ask you two options. Windows hosting and Linux hosting. The Linux operating system is free that’s why Linux hosting is cheap in cost as compared to windows hosting. The hosting company holds to pay the cost for a windows license to install windows on their server, which makes windows hosting expense.

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We also call the server, where we store online data. We can buy space on the server, space we call web-hosting. There are many companies where we can buy web hosting space. I have listed the few big names of Web Hosting Company below.

  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost.
  • Big rock
  • Site ground

For a new blogger, I will strongly recommend you to buy low budget hosting, you can buy cheap rates hosting. If you want to make a big website like huffing post, New York Times then you need big web space to store your data. First, I will urge you to buy low budget hosting; when your website eventually grows, you can change your data to the new web server with tons of web space.

What is need of web hosting?

  • To store online data on our blog, we need web hosting.
  • We cannot sustain the full facilities to host the site. So we have to get hosting from other companies.
  • If our site is deleted for any reason, we can get back to it at the hosting site.
  • Web hosting is like a hard disk in which we can store or host all of our website data.
  • The web server is a computer server which is available about 24X7.


  • Share (virtual) server hosting.

  • Free server hosting.

  • Dedicated managed server hosting.

  • Cloud server hosting/ VPS hosting.

  • Reseller server hosting.

  1. Share (virtual) server hosting.

The shared server hosting is the most selling and well-known web hosting. In shared web hosting many web sites is hosted on single web space. Shared web hosting is cheap and reliable as compared to another web hosting. Shared hosting is used mostly those people whose traffic is low.  If you are planning to start blogging or website, I’ll recommend you to stick with shared hosting. In shared hosting, you can also get many resources to run your website smoothly without any technical glitches. Even my blog is also on shared hosting with premium services.

  1. Free web hosting.

free hosting

By the name itself, you can guess it’s totally free.  These types of hosting are used by the same people those who want to learn or test the websites. Due to its free hosting, there are so many limitations to its service. There is no technical support and security of the website. These types of hosts are vulnerable to hacking and data breach. Even you can’t use your own domain. These types of hosting are suitable for the personal website but not for professional sites.

  1. Dedicated managed server hosting.

dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting is reliable and fast web hosting. In this web hosting, only one website is hosted. This type of server is best for those web masters whose web traffic is high.  Dedicated web hosting is somewhat pricey and high in cost. Those who gain a great amount from their website, they can only afford this dedicated web hosting.

  1. Cloud server hosting/ VPS hosting (virtual private server hosting).

The combination of shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting is called cloud server hosting or virtual private host. In this type of hosting you can buy your own web space and you have full control of your server and website. A cloud server is quite costly but very fast and unswerving. Cloud server hosting is trustworthy because of this type of hosting many servers are interconnected to each other. Due to this, loads of website are balanced accurately and the chances of server down are unacceptable and zero. This is the most modern type of hosting.

  1. Reseller server hosting.

resller hosting

Reseller hosting takes place on a shared server. In this type of hosting, the big spaces of servers are being allocated into sum small parts and sell it as shared web hosting. You can even do this type of reseller server hosting business. It’s quite profitable and risky business. Soon I will write how to set out a reseller server hosting business.

Thanks for reading the post till the end, please share this post as much as you can. Share your sentiments with us what type of hosting you would like to purchase.

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