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By | February 24, 2020
  1. Success is a key if you search for that key,unable find it but you work hard for that success the key is always forever with you.
  2. Sharing knowledge is something created doubt in minds for that state of people which never have receive any knowledge.
  3. Lessons are to listen chapter are to chhaters but keep in mind these are available to whom who are with their heart and soul.
  4. THE ONLY PERSON YOU SHOULD TRY TO BETTER THAN, IS THE PERSON YOU,WERE YESTERDAY BE WITH U What are u never give up u will u say what u want but believe in you i trust, YOU have to be that.
  5. Nothing in my hands till today,how can expect tomorrow is my mine,never felt like this only memories of my……………………….,………….,hai my age is 99 yrs this is past tommorow is my vast in heaven goodbye to my sweet [email protected]@@@@this is story of a simple human being created by almighty.

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