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How to pass,crack CPT in first attempt June 2018 with flying colors.

How to pass, crack CPT in the first attempt June 2018 with flying colors.

First of all, congratulations for taking a wise step to join the CA course, CA is one of the respected and reputations course. ICAI has already announced new CA foundation course, those who are registered before July 1, they are eligible to write CPT. So, friends, you have only a few attempts left to give CPT, if you are not able to clear, then you have to enroll the new CA foundation course.

CPT is very easy and anyone cracks in the first attempt, even without coaching you can clear CPT in the first attempt. If you are from commerce stream it’s very much easier to pass the CPT in the first attempt, even maths background students an also clear, but the right attitude and approach needed.

If you are from commerce student Subjects like maths may bother you to pass examination, so don’t worry read this post and give it.

How to pass CPT in first attempt December 2017.

You have already registered for CPT, you have received 4 books (accounts, law, economics, and maths) and 2 model papers books, which consists of 30 model paper. The problem with a student is they don’t read and study from Institute material, they read from coaching institute material, now tell whether coaching is taking your CPT or ICAI if you want to pass in first attempt or this attempt to read from institute material only. Many people say, don’t read from institute material, don’t listen,  read from ICAI material only. Also, purchase Suchitra past year question paper, solve it 2 to 3 times. Since you need to score at least 30 percent in all subjects, remember that you need to concentrate on all subjects so that you can qualify the basics for all subjects.

How to prepare for the CPT.

If you are going coaching then well, those are not going coaching they can easily crack exam with one go. You can access the free class from YouTube, there is one channel “mera skill” search it, and you get free classes there, or you can download android app “CA koncept” from play store.

Accounts –

Accounts, very scoring subject, you can easily get more than 50 marks, Just stick to the basics because most questions come from the simplest points which sometimes are ignored. Now, Accounts is the main subject for a C. A, so if you want to do well at higher levels of the course you should make your base from here onwards. Stick to only institute material and scanner. Don’t cover all those topics which are not in the syllabus.   Work out every question from institute material back of the chapters, solve examples also, sometimes questions being asked directly from models. Revise 3 times minimum.


Law is also most scoring subjects, Another important prospect for CPT is the Mercantile Law. After accounts, it is referred to as most scoring subjects. This is a new subject for most people, so try to grab the concept because many questions in the exam won’t be directly from the book.  There are three laws, contract act, sales act, and partnership act. Read three times from institute material and solve the question from the back of the chapters.


Another easy subject for scoring after the law, even with your minimum IQ you can solve questions. Economics can be divided into 2 parts, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. Both sections almost cover equals marks. In macroeconomics, but need to remember key points, dates, events and in micro-economics, you need to learn here conceptual. Read from the institute material only, solve questions given at the back of the chapters.


This is the only subject which fails a maximum number of students in CPT. Generally, almost 30 to 40 % questions asked in CPT quite easy and the rest of the questions are the combination of the normal and hard level of questions. If you are from maths stream, then this is the subject where you can score more than 40 marks easily. But if you’re from commerce stream and you have also not read at your school level class 11 and 12, then you have to pay costs by giving your hard work and practice to this subject. Only you need to pass this subject.

Maths can be split into 2 portions, statistics and mathematics.ics. Each section cover almost equals marks, if you are weak in maths, don’t need to study each chapter, there are some easy chapters like equations, ratios and proportions, log, compound and simple interest, permutation and combinations, AP & GP, inequalities and some easy topics of limits and functions.   Form statistics read each and every chapter don’t leave any topic. Solve questions from study materials. Some chapters like probability and central measure tendency, index number, correlations and regression and theoretical distribution. Don’t skip these chapters, they carry 2 to 3 marks from every chapter.

First complete, easy chapters and then break for hard chapters. You can easily pass, every year, if you go through previous year paper, you will find 5 to 10 questions ask directly or theory questions. Work out every question from study material. You will pass easily.

The first step in your preparation is to start understanding and learning the concepts. Start taking subjects one by one following the timetable.

Right away what should be your method of reading?

First, a quick version of the chapter should be made out. Usually, one page should not be given more than 5 minutes. Second reading should be slower, reading each topic clearly. Once the reading is done all questions given in the book should be attempted. First attempts all questions without using any answers and then check all questions at the end. You should mark your questions in a special way. I. e. The questions which were correct in the first attempt should be crossed and there is no need to attempt these questions again… all other questions which were incorrect should be done on next revision and follow the same steps of crossing the correct questions at that time. 100% syllabus must be covered in any case.


Practice questions from study material models paper and solve from previous year questions paper. Solve maximum paper from model paper and from previous year paper. Practice is the most important part of your preparation and should be given 100% focus. Use calculator shortcuts for better time management and accuracy. Referring to log table and everything is too much time-consuming. Calculator shortcuts are available online. After all, a calculator is a CA student’s best friend. 🙂 Learn to use a calculator properly, anyone can do the basic functions of it. We just pushed them to the next level.

Most important thing is not to attempt that question, about which you don’t know whatsoever. It’s not necessary to attempt all questions and doesn’t think about the “probability” of the answer is right. It’s very risky to think that, due to negative marking. I know brilliant minds who failed by 5 marks or less because they attempted all answers. I say again, don’t attempt the question that you know nothing about.

That’s all it’s going to be.Best of luck.


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