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Home » How can I get huge traffic from Quora to blog –simple step?

How can I get huge traffic from Quora to blog –simple step?

How can I get huge traffic from Quora to blog –simple step?

How to increase website traffic, a very usual question and every blogger has. Today in this blog post, I will share an instant trick to get your website/blog traffic up to 35% of your existing traffic.
As a blogger, you may use so many ways to increase your blog traffic, social media share, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, link building, commenting etc.

In this post, I will tell, how to increase your website traffic. This method is a part of Off the page SEO to get quality web traffic. I personally applied this method to grab traffic easily. I acquired almost 40% of traffic by using this method.  So we are talking about question-answer community “Quora”.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users and its publishers.

Quora is a very popular website with 132 Alexa global ranks. Here you can increase your knowledge, share your valuable knowledge with the world.

How to get Quora traffic to your blog?

Getting traffic from Quora is very simple, just create an account or simply you can log in to Facebook or Gmail.

After creating an account on Quora, now create an astonishing profile; describe your interest, subject knowledge, hobby and your passion.

Select topics of your choice and niche of your blog. And write answers and simply leave the link to your weblog. Don’t write a full article just put the summary, but without spamming.

Look at the popularity of questions you plan to answer. Spend some time in finding the statistics of a question. Answer the question has enough followers and views.

I put out every blog article in Quora to generate constant traffic. In Google analytics, it doesn’t indicate the metric as Quora but the traffic show under the direct traffic.

I have written the above answered and it received 14k views and I received traffic almost 40% of views.

This method is well tested and the best way to gain traffic. You can also change all those users to your email subscribers and sell your products and services.


You can look at my profile I received 30k views and I almost receive 40% of that daily traffic.

In this way, you can double your website traffic. The more you write genuine and interesting answers, the more you will receive traffic. In Quora don’t focus on the number of followers, unlike Twitter.  Focus just to write a good answer without spamming.

India’s well-known fame digital marketer Neil Patel has said in his blog, from Quora you can receive 30 to 40 % of traffic easily.

Refer this article.

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