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How I earn money with Paytm or make money by Paytm 1k daily.

How I earn money with Paytm or make money by Paytm 1k daily.

Money is the biggest motivation in our life. Money is the ultimate goal for many of us. Everyone is running behind money. But for making money, one needs skills and knowledge.

That is why I m here to share my skills and knowledge with you.

I will share with you How I earn money with Paytm. I almost make 1000 or 500 Rs daily with Paytm.

Yes, you can also execute the same by applying my method. This is an original method. No investment required. Simply you need to spend just about time to establish a strong foundation.

I want you to clear one thing that you can’t make overnight. By making out small steps day by day, you will ladder.

 There are many ways you can make money online from Paytm.

I have 4-5 ways you can earn money online by Paytm. But I will share just one method. Ask why? Because this method is a genuine one. Some technique is not authentic, and they take unnecessary information’s.

I will also share my proof of payment.

Ok, let’s get started.

You may already know the method; if you don’t have an idea about the technique, I will recommend reading.

 I am taking about Paybox.

If you are from the States of Nagaland, Telangana, Odisha and Assam kindly do not sign-up, as, under the State laws, you are not eligible for playing as well as gratification

Playbox is India’s largest innovative & exclusive gratification platform with close to 1 million registered users. Playbox helps user earn free recharge by playing games, participating in paid polls, 5KaDum, Refer & Earn, free recharge offers and much more. We are making time spent on PayBox more rewarding by giving unlimited free mobile recharge to over a million happy users.

You will make straight 50rs by joining through my link – Click this link to get 50rs Paytm.

PayBox sign-up process is swift & easy to get started. You get Rs.50 free Paytm cash as a joining bonus. Once the process is complete Rs.50 free recharge amount is added to PayBox wallet. Please note that Rs.10 is unlocked instantly and the remaining amount keeps getting unlocked as you earn free recharge.

Once you complete the 100rs milestone, you can directly credit into your Paytm account.

Playbox gives Rs.5 free recharge as a referral bonus for inviting friends and if more than 50 friends join than user gets additional Rs.100 free Paytm cash. Please note free recharge amount gets added to wallet only after your friend verifies email id and mobile number. You can earn talk time every month by paying for your friends on WhatsApp, Share it on Facebook wall.

That is why I am asking you to build a strong bass. If you have a vast contact list in WhatsApp or telegram. Or Facebook page if you own you can certainly make a good source of passive income.  

You can also make a good income by playing games. I always used to play these games while I am travelling or in college free time.

photo-2020-04-27-20-14-59 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-04 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-06 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-10 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-12 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-15 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-17 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-20 photo-2020-04-27-20-15-23 photo-2020-04-27-20-22-44

Play Games TO Earn Paytm

There are some games which need to play to earn cash prizes.

  • Flappy Bird
  • Raise Up
  • Sticky Monkey
  • Tappy Fish
  • Circle Pong
  • Pop Up
  • Spin Wheel
  • Single Dice
  • Double Dice

You can also make money through the offer. Paybox used to notify offers from time to time.

Paybox will allow redeeming money 100rs per day. You can’t redeem more than 100rs in the day.

So, it’s time to show some proof to you. I have already mentioned, I made 2000rs using the pay box. So, I thought, why don’t I share with you. So, you can also have some pocket money for day to day activities.

You can see how I made income through this pay box. I made money mostly playing games, quiz and referrals.

You will make straight 50rs by joining through my link – Click this link to get 50rs Paytm.

Please share it on social sites. If you any doubts or help. Use the comment section to ask the questions. Usually, I reply in a few minutes.

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