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Solved “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap” Coverage report Google.

You are reading” Indexed, not submitted in sitemap“.Many bloggers, these days facing an uncommon problem with their blogs. Their blogs/websites are not being indexing and submitting in a sitemap.

I have also confronted the same issue with my blog. But don’t know what happened but suddenly my blog went off indexing and ranking on google search.

I try to find a solution to this problem. I tested a lot, I asked in Google console support, yet they can’t able to puzzle out my problem.

I guess the Google Support forum is not much useful. Many of them don’t know the real reason. They simply make a scripted response to every inquiry.

My blog went off from the search, lost all the keywords which were ranking. My Blog Alexa Rank went high.

I thought that the problem will solve by itself. So I keep on waiting for 2 months. Stills no progress and remained as it is.

Solved “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap” Coverage report Google

I thought that, my site was hit by the Google algorithm or penalized.

But the problem was something different.

The blog was affected by bloats. It means unnecessary or zero value content is indexed, such as tags and categories’ with no meaningful information.

 In the initial days of my blogging, I was used many tags for every post and it is accumulated near to 3000-4000 tags and indexed through the sitemap.

Later, I deleted all my Tags and Duplicate posts and wait for some time. But I didn’t see any advancement.

So, I was fed up with this problem and decided to delete the complete blog and removed the site from the search console.

 After taking a backup I deleted the blog.

After a month again, I installed a fresh WordPress on my blog. Restored the earlier backup.

This time I changed my robot.txt format and added a sitemap to it.

Again, I put my blog on the search console. I added the new sitemap and guess what? It was back to normal.

Then I take a deep breath and that moment I was so happy.

Thus, the crux point is, if you are confronting this issue “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap”. Then delete your blog and remove your site completely from the search console. Wait for a minimum of 30 days to get cleared of the cache from Google.

Delete all outdated, duplicate and tags from your blog. This makes your site difficult to get indexed because these consume more google resources. You already know about, Google has a quota to index your blog posts. It doesn’t index everything whatever comes in the way. So use those resources properly.

Please comment below with your problems and issues related to this. I will attempt to answer your queries. If this post helped you In any way please share this post with your bloggers in social media.

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