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Home » How to make money by using money WhatsApp- step by step 2020.

How to make money by using money WhatsApp- step by step 2020.

 How to make money by using money WhatsApp- step by step 2020.

How to earn money from WhatsApp, many people may don’t know about this, but this is a truth you can make money from WhatsApp. Today, everyone has a smartphone with WhatsApp installed. If I tell you, you can earn money from WhatsApp, how will you feel? Yes, you can make money from WhatsApp. The WhatsApp is not just a messenger app with this app you can start your business.

In this post I will share, how can you make money from WhatsApp?

To get money from WhatsApp, you necessitate having a number, who already on WhatsApp, you may obtain such number from friends, groups.  Then you have to create a WhatsApp group, where you have to add all numbers. I will tell more about this, how you can make money from WhatsApp.

  • Link shortening.

This is the best way to make money by shortening the URL of a website, there are many websites which provide shortening services, like short. St. Once you make the link short, only you need to share it, if anyone clicks the link, you will get paid for that.  The more clicks you get, the more money you make.

To make more money effectively from this, research the best website with great content, and make that content URL short then share it on WhatsApp or any other platform.

List of some URL shortening website.

  • Affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing is also an outstanding source to make money to create money from WhatsApp. Affiliate marketing is the source, referring someone or recommends someone to buy the product by sharing the link of that particular product.

You will get a commission if anyone buys that product, commission depends upon various factors.

There are many companies to which promotes affiliate marketing, only you need to sign up and generate the links which product you want to promote, share it on WhatsApp.

Best and most trusted affiliate programs.

  • amazon
  • Snapdeal
  • Make money from PPD networks.

If you don’t know about PPD network, PPD full form is pay per download, in this, you will get paid if anyone downloads your files.  The more people download your files the more you will get paid.

You can upload any files, such as movies, music, images after that share that link on WhatsApp group or any other ways.

List of some PPD (pay per download network)

  • Usercloud
  • Uploadocean
  • Daily uploads
  • Share cash
  • Dollar upload
  • Upload cash
  • File buck
  • Refers recharge apps.

You can also make money from referring apps, but you can’t make money directly from this.

There are many apps you can use to make money by referring, such as task bucks, earn talk time, ladooo etc.

  • YouTube channel and website promotion.

You can also make money by promoting others website, blogs and YouTube channels. For that, you necessitate having substantial contacts. You need to contact with bloggers and Volgers and tell them that, you can bring decent traffic to their blogs and YouTube channels, for that you will charge an amount, if they agree, you will start earning money.

These are the ways you can make money from WhatsApp, if you do the hard work with dedication, I am sure you can make huge money from WhatsApp.

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