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Engineering Day 2020 – Engineer’s Day History, Importance, Quotes, and wishes

Why Engineering day celebrates on 15th September 2020.

The Engineering Community across India celebrates Engineers Day on 15 September every year as a tribute to the great Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. “Role of Engineers in a developing India” is the theme of Engineers Day 2020.

Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, born on 15 September 1861, in Muddenahalli near Chikkaballapur. He moved on to become India’s most prolific civil engineer, dam builder, economist, statesman and can be counted among the last century’s foremost national builder.

Engineers Day on 15 September every year

M. Visvesvaraya was also the Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1918. He was the chief engineer responsible for the construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysore as well as the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad. Due to his prominent contribution to the society, Government of India conferred ‘Bharat Ratna’ on this legend in the year 1955.


He had designed and patented a scheme of automatic weir water floodgates that were first established in 1903 at Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune. These gates were employed to raise the flood supply level of storage in the reservoir to the highest level likely to be attained without causing any damage to the dam.

Visvesvaraya gained prominent status when he designed a flood protection system in Hyderabad. He was instrumental in developing a system to protect Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion This dam created the largest artificial lake in Asia when it was made.

During his term of office as the Diwan of Mysore, Visvesvaraya remodeled the state into what it came to be known as “model state”. Henceforth, giving him the status of the “Father of Modern Mysore”.

Quotes and wishes about Engineers and Engineering Day

“As engineers, we are going to be in a position to change the world- not just study it”– Henry Petroski, American engineer, and author

 “This job is a great scientific adventure. But it’s also a great human adventure”– Fabiola Gianotti, Higgs Boson physicist

 “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world”– Isaac Asimov, American writer, professor of biochemistry

You are the one who can create anything with your brains and creativity because you are an Engineer, Wishing you a very Happy Engineer’s Day

 “The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history”– James Kip Finch, American engineer and educator

 “The way to succeed is to double your failure”– Thomas J. Watson, Pioneer in the field of computing equipment for IBM

  • The ideal engineer is a composite…He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems”– Nathan W. Dougherty, American civil engineer happy Engineer’s Day to all the Engineers. We salute your great ideas and innovations that have truly changed our lives.
  • Engineers are a person who discovers the world by their brain and pen, Happy Engineer’s Day
  • Without Engineers in our lives, it would have been a completely different world to live. Warm wishes on Engineer’s Day and a big thank you for giving us all these inventions.
  • On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, we wish to thank the creative, intelligent, and amazing engineer in you who is constantly working hard to give us something new

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