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Fau-g apk download and faug game apk install Link.

FAU:G game has been announced by Indian publisher nCore Games. The game has been developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The FAU-G game launch comes following the ban on PUBG Mobile in India. Fau-g apk download and faug game apk install Link.

I see people are making fun of this game. Many people are saying that a game will be a lot of nonsense in terms of PUBG and it is very difficult to compare a game like PUBG. I think when some good thing comes into the country. In that respect, some games are being produced in our country, hence we all should promote them and use them more. It is a matter of pride for everyone that a game like faug game APK is going to be launched in India next month, we should all play this game more and promote it and I am sure that the game will compete with pubg and its graphic will be much better than pubg as well.  It will be fun to play.

Fau-g apk download and faug game apk install Link.Download FAUG APK FAUG App.

It is said to be that, it will give a battle to a PUBG game. Among youths, it is a happy moment, after PUBG Bann.

The New FAU-G game will be available for download soon in the Play store. It will be the best alternative to a PUBG.

Even though, we can’t predict the gameplay of the game before the complete release of the FAU-G. The youth of India will decide whether the FAUG- the game is the best alternative to the PUBG game.

After the Bann of PUBG, the developers in India have gotten the opportunity to build a new battle of royal.

Based on the teaser, it seems FAU:G or FAU-G will be a player vs player multiplayer shooter game similar to PUBG MOBILE. 

It is a matter of great pride for our nation. It seems the government had already made a plan and later Banned the PUBG. Fau-g apk download and faug game apk install available Link soon

The royal battle game is developed by a Bangalore based company, core games. According to the reports the multiplayer game will be launched by the end of next month.

The theme of the game is based on real scenarios encountered by the Indian security forces to deal with both domestic and foreign threats.

SizeCurrently Not Available (Soon Possible)
DevelopernCore Games
Launch DateOctober, 2020

I will update you soon on this topic. 

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